Overview of PE markets around China on September 1

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On September 19, the PE market overview around the Central Plains

the quotation around the Central Plains has not changed much compared with yesterday, which makes your work more secure, 7042 yuan/ton. The actual transaction is low. At present, petrochemical inventory is still accumulating, and it is facing sales during the National Day holiday. It is expected that the market price before the holiday will mainly fall slightly

the PE market in Qilu Chemical City basically maintained yesterday's price. 7042 no tax declaration 11400 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 no tax declaration 11670 yuan/ton, 2102tn00 no tax declaration 12100 yuan/ton, 6098 quotation 12900 yuan/ton, 2480 quotation 13600 yuan/ton

the current price of PE market in Hangzhou continues to decline, and the overall transaction situation remains light. The price of 1c7a is 12900 yuan/ton, that of q281 is 12400 yuan/ton, that of Lanhua 2426h is 12400 yuan/ton, that of CNPC is 12300 yuan/ton, that of Maoming 5502 is 12300 yuan/ton, and that of 5000S is 12300 yuan/ton. It is expected that the market will continue to decline on the eve of the National Day holiday

traders in the PE market around Yanshan are actively shipping, and some quotations are still declining. 1c7a quoted 12500 yuan/ton, and the revised version of the national standard for electric vehicle charging interface passed the review. It was said that there was a quotation of 12300 yuan/ton, ld100ac non local warehouse source quoted yuan/ton, no goods around Yanshan quoted 12600 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7260 quoted 12300 yuan/ton, Maoming tr144 quoted 12700 yuan/ton

Changzhou PE market quotation continued to decline. The quotation of CNPC 2426h is about 12400 yuan/ton, that of tn26/100ac is about 12400 yuan/ton, and that of low-pressure injection molding is 7260 yuan/ton. Near the weekend, the market atmosphere is light, the demand is low, the market transactions are rare, the mentality of merchants is tired, and they are generally bearish in the future

the PE market atmosphere in Xiamen tends to be calm, the transaction is poor, the quotation is more and the counter-offer is less, the traders are obviously on the sidelines, and they are relatively bearish about the future market. Lanhua/Jihua 7042 quote yuan/ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 quote 12500 yuan/ton, Lanhua 8008/7260 quote 12300 yuan/ton, Lanhua/Daqing 5000S quote about 13950 yuan/ton, all of which are tax inclusive quotes

the quotation of PE market in Xiong County, Hebei Province has fallen recently, and the transaction today is flat. The retail price is as follows: 9020 tax free 11650 yuan/ton, 00952 tax free 12550 yuan/ton. There is still room for negotiation in the actual transaction. In addition, the price of Xiongxian Kuti is 12600 yuan/ton for ld105, 12900 yuan/ton for ld150 and 12500 yuan/ton for ld160as

the PE market in Shunde is still depressed, the quotation continues to fall, and the transaction continues to be sluggish. Traders are pessimistic about the future market and continue to wait and see. An inspection and testing center with an area of more than 1000 square meters is planned. Sinopec 7042 reports 119 ball plates at 50 yuan/ton, 218w in Saudi Arabia reports 13050 yuan/ton, and 1002kw reports 13250 yuan/ton. All the above are tax exclusive quotations

the PE market in Shantou continued to be depressed, with no market for price, and the overall transaction was still calm. The downstream was unwilling to accept goods easily, and most traders continued to be bearish in the future. Guangzhou Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Jihua 7042 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Yanshan 1c7a no tax declaration 12800 yuan/ton, Daqing/Lanhua 2426h/2426k no tax declaration 12000 yuan/ton

the PE market price in Shanghai continues to decline, with overall chaos. Merchants are still actively clearing their inventories. Although crude oil has risen in the past two days, the current economic environment and demand side conditions make it difficult for the market to rebound, and will continue to decline in the short term. Domestic materials: q281 yuan/ton, less goods, Yangba heavy package 13000 yuan/ton. Today, the price of imported materials continued to decline, and merchants actively sold their inventory. In 9006, some merchants offered a low price of 11500 yuan/ton, and the overall market quotation was slightly chaotic

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