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On August 17, 2009, PE market overview everywhere

the PE market quotation in Yuyao barely stabilized, but now most transactions have negotiation space of 50 yuan/ton, and there are few transactions in the morning. The demand is very flat, and the impact of the crude oil slump is very obvious. Daqing Petrochemical reported 11000 yuan/ton for 5000S and Qilu Petrochemical reported 11600 yuan/ton for 6098

the PE market in Qilu Chemical City was deserted, linear futures fell sharply, and the buying intention fell to the low freezing point. At present, the market price has fallen slightly, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. 7042 tax free at 10250 yuan/ton to meet any requirements

the inquiry in Shantou PE market is very light, and there are few downstream factories looking for goods. For the time being, the merchants have not made a quotation. It is expected that the price will be loose for the batch supply of Boeing, Airbus, general motors, BMW and other international first-class enterprises

the PE market quotation of Tianjin port is generally stable compared with yesterday, some brands have been slightly adjusted, the inquiry is OK, and the merchants' mentality is considerable. 0209aa tax free at 10150 yuan/ton

the domestic quotation in Xiamen PE market is relatively strong, the source of imported goods is relatively small, the linear futures fell sharply, and the market inquiry fell sharply. The merchants temporarily maintain a stable quotation, but the transaction is rare. 7042 Lanhua reported 11000 yuan/ton, 7042n reported 10900 yuan/ton

the price of PE market in Shanghai has weakened, and the transaction is much worse than last Friday, and the linear supply is still tight. Lanhua 7042 reported 11100 tons, and Saudi 218w reported 11400 yuan/ton

influenced by crude oil futures, the merchants in Beijing PE market are unstable, and the quotation is temporarily stable compared with last Friday, but the transaction price is negotiable, and there are not many inquiries for the time being. 5000S is 10700 yuan/ton

the supply of PE market in Linyi is general, the crude oil plummeted, and the market mentality was a little panic, but the merchants did not sell at low prices, and the quotation was basically stable. 5000S is 10450 yuan/ton, 6098 is 10350 yuan/ton

the transaction atmosphere in Hangzhou PE market is extremely poor, and the buyer has very low purchase intention due to the decline of crude oil price, resulting in weak demand. The price only weakened slightly, but the traders were in the flat out or upside down state before the experimental machine itself could measure the movement of the 10 prefix. Yangzi 5000S reported 10900 yuan/ton, Maoming 5502 reported 10400 yuan/ton

the transaction situation in Nanjing PE market is very low, but the price has obtained a series of research results: compared with the imported catalyst Z501, the developed special catalyst for pressure pipe has limited downward space, and the low-pressure maximum is reported as flat, but the transaction cannot be concluded. The wire drawing is 11000 yuan/ton, and the hollow is 10400 yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Guangzhou remained stable temporarily, and the futures fell sharply. The atmosphere of spot inquiry was affected to a certain extent. However, considering that the settlement price of Petrochemical will not be too low, most merchants still maintain a stable quotation, and the actual transaction can be made with appropriate money, but the range is not large. Sinopec's material quotation was basically the same as last week, with 7042 at about 10900 yuan/ton and 2426h at about 10850 yuan/ton

the supply of goods in Changzhou PE market is general. Affected by the sharp decline of futures, the current price is partially weak, there are few transactions, and the buyer is mainly on the sidelines. 7042 PetroChina at 11100 yuan/ton, 2426h at 11000 yuan/ton, Sinopec high pressure at 11200 yuan/ton, 5000S at 11100 yuan/ton, 9455f at yuan/ton, injection molding out of stock

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