Overview of PE markets around China on March 25

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On March 25, the PE market overview of various places

the traders around the Central Plains continued to ship goods. The mainstream quotation of 7050 yuan/ton was basically the same as yesterday's price, and the merchants reflected that the transaction could be concluded at the price of 13810 yuan/ton

the transaction atmosphere of Qilu Chemical City is slightly flat, and some quotations are still lower. 7042 merchants intend to ship goods at 13790 yuan/ton, which is slightly lower than the factory price. Therefore, it is impossible to switch between crosslinking and de crosslinking, and 2102tn26 is less quoted at yuan/ton

some quotations in Shunde PE market fell, 7042 Guangzhou Petrochemical 13250 yuan/ton, Maoming 13200 yuan/ton, 2001 13250 yuan/ton, 9455f 13100 yuan/ton, tr144 yuan/ton, 5121b/5021d shell 13200 yuan/ton, 5502 Maoming yuan/ton, mainly from platform mold to full-scale prototype concept test ton, SECCO 13350 yuan/ton, 5000S 13300 yuan/ton, 8008/60550 13950 yuan/ton, 2426h/2426k Maoming 12850 yuan/ton, 13100 yuan/ton, At 13050 yuan/ton. Quotation of imported materials: 7000F Thailand 13550 yuan/ton, b5429 Saudi Arabia 13350 yuan/ton, 52009 India 13200 yuan/ton, the above prices are tax free

the local price in Nanjing continued to decline slightly today. Yangzi 1802 reported 14080 yuan/ton, and the transaction was OK. Yangzi low-pressure wire drawing continued to go flat, with 13600 yuan/ton, 2426h/2426k reported 13850 yuan/ton, 2420h reported 13800 yuan/ton, and the transaction remained flat

the quotation around Yanshan continues to fall. PetroChina 7042 reports 13800 yuan/ton, 1c7a reports yuan/ton, 1f7b reports 14400 yuan/ton, 2A reports yuan/ton, 50A reports 15100 yuan/ton, ld100ac reports yuan/ton, which is basically the same as the ex factory price of Sinopec, ld105 reports 13570 yuan/ton, ld607 reports 13600 yuan/ton, ld605 reports 13500 yuan/ton, 5000S reports yuan/ton, 5200b reports yuan/ton, and 6100m reports yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Shantou was sorted out smoothly, but the light transaction made most merchants have a heavy shipping mentality. 7042 guangpetrochemical 13300 yuan/ton, 2001 13350 yuan/ton, 7042 Lanhua 13250 yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing yuan/ton, 2426k Maoming 12900 yuan/ton, Zai yuan/ton, 9455f 13100 yuan/ton, tr144 Maoming 13150 yuan/ton, 5502 yuan/ton. Quotation of imported materials: 3224 Formosa Plastics/3305 Hanhua 13650 yuan/ton, 5502 Dalin 13700 yuan/ton, 7000F Thailand 13650 yuan/ton, the above are tax-free prices

the local atmosphere in Hangzhou is general, and today's price continues to fall slightly, 1c7a is reported at 14550 yuan/ton, Daqing 2426h is reported at 13750 yuan/ton, 100ac is reported at 13800 yuan/ton, Yangba high pressure membrane is reported at yuan/ton, SECCO 0220kj is reported at 14100 yuan/ton, 0220aa is reported at 14050 yuan/ton, Yangzi 1802 is reported at 14100 yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042 is reported at 14050 yuan/ton, Yangzi wire drawing is reported at 13750 yuan/ton, 602 is reported at 13850 yuan/ton, 9455f is reported at 13700 yuan/ton, SECCO 5401 is reported at 13900 yuan/ton, 60550 is reported at 14800 yuan/ton

the market atmosphere in Changzhou today was flat, with Jihua 7042 reported at yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042/1802 reported at 14100 yuan/ton, PetroChina 2426h reported at 13750 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac reported at 13800 yuan/ton, and Yangba high pressure quoted in Canadian dollars/ton. The price of Yangzi 5000S fell significantly due to the centralized release of petrochemical products, reported at 13600 yuan/ton, PetroChina 5000S reported at yuan/ton, and 9455f reported at yuan/ton. The transaction remained light

the quotation of some linetypes in Tianjin fell, yuan/ton, some traders reported to 13800 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7042 yuan/ton, 9085 13900 yuan/ton, and the quotation of imported linetypes remained stable, with 0218d reporting 14050 yuan/ton, 1002kw reporting 14150 yuan/ton, 5000S reporting 13750 yuan/ton, 5300b reporting 13750 yuan/ton, 2426h reporting 13500 yuan/ton, 9455f reporting 13550 yuan/ton

if Linyi needs to replace the cable in case of damage, the market linear quotation is mainly negative, the quotation of high/low-voltage resources is not much, the quotation is stable, and the transaction is not smooth. Yangzi 1802 has no tax of 13450 yuan/ton, 7042 has no tax of 13450 yuan/ton, Zhongyuan 7050 has no tax of 13300 yuan/ton, 5000S has no tax of 13100 yuan/ton, low-voltage injection molding resources are few, 60550 has no tax of 13500 yuan/ton, 5070 has no tax, and there is a Pentium improvement and development of 13570 yuan/ton regardless of product quantity and production scope, The delivery of low-voltage membrane is extremely slow, with no tax of 12900 yuan/ton for 9455f, 5301aa, 2102tn26, 13050 yuan/ton and 2426h, 13000 yuan/ton

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