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Luoyang paint local market is cold, building brands to break the deadlock

at present, there are many paint manufacturers in Luoyang that have obtained national production recognition. However, these paint manufacturers are generally "blooming inside the wall and fragrant outside the wall", which is difficult to find in the local market. At present, the leading role in the medium and high-end decoration market in Luoyang is mostly expensive foreign brand paint

Luoyang coating is hard to find locally

there are many coating production enterprises in Luoyang, some of which are large-scale and have a certain popularity in domestic and foreign markets

In 2002, Luoyang Dayu Industrial Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of engineering and Tsinghua University, took the lead in developing medium and high-grade wall coatings modified by nano chaperones in China, which caused a sensation in the domestic building materials industry. Last year, the paint enterprise showed its face again in the Shanghai WorldExpo project, providing wall paint for the Qatar National Pavilion

compared with the excitement in the foreign market, Luoyang coating enterprises appear a little lonely in the local market. At present, our city has more than 100 paint production enterprises recognized by the state, and operates more than 200 kinds of paint products. However, most of the products produced by these coating enterprises are low-grade products, and few of them have entered the medium and high-end market

I visited many building materials markets in Luoyang and found that it was difficult to find traces of medium and high-grade environmental protection coatings produced in Luoyang, and most of the products sold in the market were "foreign coatings" such as "Dulux" and "Nippon" with high prices. At the same time, several large enterprises with medium and high-grade paint production capacity in our city are generally "blooming inside the wall and fragrant outside the wall", but it is difficult to obtain orders in local decoration projects

lack of successful marketing

why is Luoyang paint cold in the local market? Insiders believe that, on the one hand, although there are many products in Luoyang coating enterprises, there are few famous brand products, and the enterprise's famous brand awareness has not been established, lacking its own leading brand; On the other hand, the local coating enterprises' market publicity and marketing efforts are not as good as "foreign coatings"

"if the price of our paint is high and the quality is not as good as' foreign paint ', there is nothing to say about there is no market. But in fact, our paint is not only comparable to foreign brands in terms of environmental protection indicators, but also far better than' foreign paint 'in terms of quality indicators. But' foreign paint 'has a preconceived advantage, coupled with huge advertising costs in China's market, which has had a huge influence among consumers." Zhao Qingshan, chairman of Luoyang Dayu Shicheng White Industry Co., Ltd., said with deep feeling under the specified experimental conditions and requirements

the person in charge of a decoration company in Luoyang said that in fact, the technical content of paint is not high, and the production level of paint in China is not lower than that of foreign enterprises. A very important reason why "foreign paint" can occupy the domestic market is the great publicity. What the local coating enterprises lack is successful marketing. Consumers do not understand the products, which makes it difficult for product sales to rise

Luoyang paint has a broad prospect

in recent years, the demand for medium and high-grade paint in the decoration market has increased sharply. Insiders believe that the real estate industry is an important pillar to drive economic growth, and the decoration industry is a major part of the real estate industry, so the paint industry has a very broad market prospect

Zhao Qingshan believes that Luoyang paint has regional advantages in the local market, and the after-sales service is more convenient than "foreign paint". Therefore, we should actively use the landlord's advantage to expand the local market share. He said that if local coatings want to compete with "foreign coatings", it is very important to strengthen the publicity and marketing of products. At the same time, as citizens pay more and more attention to home decoration, the economic expenditure and environmental protection of wall coating have gradually become the focus of citizens' consideration. Therefore, coating enterprises should pay attention to the development of environmental protection coating products to reduce the pollution of home decoration coating, so as to be recognized by consumers

how to break the deadlock of Luoyang paint, some insiders suggest:

first of all, Luoyang paint should take the road of large-scale, equipped with cold light roads in the main working areas, and cultivate its own leading brands, so as to activate the development of Luoyang paint enterprises and even the whole industry

secondly, government departments should actively guide, take priority procurement, active promotion and other measures to support. At the initial stage of market development, the well-known "foreign paint" has also been recognized by the public through the recommendation of industry associations, and gradually occupied the market

finally, we should further strengthen talent training and enhance the technological R & D strength of the local coating industry. At the same time, in the market, we should develop more mid-range paint products, and rely on innovative technology to improve the overall competitiveness of the paint industry, so as to enhance the popularity of products

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