The hottest Luoyang City auspicious snow falls at

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The auspicious snow in Luoyang city is beginning to fall in the auspicious year. Lingyu's product is a red version

the auspicious snow in Luoyang city is beginning to fall in the auspicious year. Lingyu's product is a red version

China Construction machinery information

recently, north 8 It can control the rate of experimental force, deformation, displacement and maintain the haze. It can be said that you enjoy warmth in the sunny sun in the south, and I experience severe cold in the haze in the north. All localities have also taken measures to improve environmental pollution, which has achieved certain results, but there is a saying that it is good to rely on Governance for three points and wind for seven points. Today, many places in the North welcome the wind and snow, and I believe the air will be better after the snow ~

in addition to paying attention to air quality, with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the surrounding environment are also increasing. The old garbage stations commonly used in urban and rural areas can no longer meet people's higher and higher requirements for efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation and low consumption, and the land cost. 4. The security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage, and the working source is becoming more and more expensive. It can be said that an inch of land is worth an inch of money. It is not suitable to invest too much area in the construction of garbage transfer stations. Therefore, the promotion of small garbage compression stations in urban areas is imperative

in this context, CIMC Lingyu has developed a new product - a split garbage compression station with forward tipping bucket loading mode. The station is popular in the market with its advantages of small floor area, low civil engineering cost, high efficiency and environmental protection. After its launch, it quickly became a popular model respected by the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Department

this type of station has a daily processing capacity of 80~120 tons, which is regarded as a little brother in the CIMC Lingyu garbage station family, and is suitable for motor collection vehicles and rickshaws with a total mass of less than 4 tons. Its main components include hopper and lifting device, compressor body, displacement device, lock box corrugated box enterprise detection instrument device, push-pull box device, door lifting device, dust cover device, split garbage can, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. at the same time, it can be equipped with negative pressure extraction dust removal and deodorization system, space atomization and deodorization system and other auxiliary equipment

the operation process of the station is also more convenient: after the garbage collection vehicle enters the station, the garbage is poured into the tipping bucket of the compression station, and then the overturning cylinder is started to pour the garbage in the hopper into the garbage compression bin, and then the garbage is compressed into the split garbage bin by the compression pusher in the compressor. After the garbage bin is full, the transfer vehicle transfers the bin to the garbage landfill or disposal site

product features

high efficiency: the shift device is adopted to realize two positions in one machine, reduce the waiting time of the compressor and improve the operation efficiency

energy saving: the hydraulic control system adopts the advanced technology of dual pump industrial control, and automatically adjusts the thrust according to the stress characteristics of small first and then large during the garbage press loading process, which is more energy-saving; The pusher cylinder adopts the single cylinder direct push form, with large thrust and high garbage compression ratio

safety: the electrical system has interlock function to avoid misoperation, and is designed with fault alarm, overload alarm and other devices, which is safe and reliable

environmental protection: equipped with spray dust reduction and deodorization device, and optional negative pressure exhaust dust removal and deodorization system, space atomization deodorization system, etc., can effectively suppress odor and dust, improve environmental quality, and be cleaner and more environmentally friendly

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