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Luoxin pharmaceutical plans to be listed in the backdoor, and the water pump enterprises gather to sell shells

Dongyin shares (002793) announced at noon on April 11 that the company is planning to purchase 99.65476% equity of Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Luoxin pharmaceutical) by issuing shares. It is expected that the amount involved in this transaction will meet the standard of major asset restructuring

Dongyin Co., Ltd. (002793) announced at noon on April 11 that the company is planning to purchase 99.65476% equity of Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Luoxin pharmaceutical) by issuing shares. It is expected that the amount involved in this transaction will meet the standard of major asset restructuring. The trading of the company's shares will be suspended from the opening of the market on the 11th, and it is expected that the suspension will not exceed 10 trading days. Before the suspension, the total market value of Dongyin shares was only 2.5 billion yuan, while Luoxin pharmaceutical was valued at more than 10 billion yuan. If the asset restructuring is implemented, another pump company will sell its shell by opening the fuselage power switch

Dongyin shares plans to restructure into pharmaceutical shares

the announcement shows that Dongyin holdings, in addition to retaining some monetary cash and convertible bonds, takes the rest of its assets and liabilities as assets put out (the maximum amount of assets put out is RMB 1billion, and the excess (if any) is regarded as "assets sold" instead of assets put out), Replace the assets with the equivalent part of the 99.65476% equity of Luoxin pharmaceutical held by Luoxin holdings and related entities. After the replacement of assets and the issuance of shares, the company will become a pharmaceutical stock

the registered capital of Luoxin pharmaceutical, which plans to borrow the shell, is 60.96 million yuan, and the legal representative is Liu Bao, which is within ± 2% of the set value; Since the rate ≥ 0.05% FS/s, it was listed on the growth enterprise market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2015, but delisted in June 2017. The company is a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating drug research and development, production, trade and medical and health services. It has successively entered the top 100 enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry since 2006 and has been rated as the best industrial enterprise in China's pharmaceutical research and development product line since 2011

pump stocks sell shells one after another

China's pump industry looks at Zhejiang, and Zhejiang pump industry looks at Wenling. Wenling, Zhejiang Province, known as the "hometown of water pumps", has an absolute advantage in the water pump industry in China. Once upon a time, Wenling, one of the seven small pump listed companies in China, accounted for four. (5) Taking out the test pieces, it seems that the life of local pump listed companies is not very easy now. Some are seeking cross-border development, some are selling shells, and only Dayuan pump is still sticking to its main business

on March 13, New Territories pump (002532) disclosed a major asset restructuring plan. The transaction also includes three parts: asset replacement, issuance of shares to purchase assets, and share transfer. After the transaction is completed, all the original assets and liabilities of the listed company will be stripped off, and no less than 77.58% shares of Tianshan aluminum will be injected. In the past five years, the operating revenue of New Territories pump industry has been hovering at more than 1 billion yuan, and the net profit fluctuated at 100million yuan

Dongyin Co., Ltd., also located in Wenling, was founded in 1993. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in submersible pumps for wells, small submersible pumps and onshore pumps. In 2018, Dongyin's revenue growth slowed down, and its attributable net profit was about 111 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.89%. The biggest problem facing the company may be the continuous rise in raw material prices in recent years and the shrinking profit margin

Leo shares (002131), located in the same place, began cross-border transformation under the background of weak additional issuance of the water pump industry. In 2014, the company acquired three digital marketing companies, including Shanghai no error Manku, Shanghai argon krypton and amber communication, and has entered the Internet industry since then

in fact, pump enterprises outside Wenling seem to be experiencing the same problem. For example, CICC environment (300145), formerly known as Nanfang pump, which was originally a listed company engaged in the manufacturing of various water pumps in Yuhang, Zhejiang Province, started the reorganization in 2015, acquired 100% equity of Jinshan environmental protection, intervened in the environmental protection industry, and then changed its name to CICC environment. In 2018, Shen Jinhao, the original actual controller, simply transferred his equity to Wuxi SASAC

"China is an important part of the global pump market, but there is a clear gap between Chinese pump enterprises and global industry giants. The high-end market has been monopolized by foreign industry giants for a long time, and the low-end market is in a state of disorderly competition." industry insiders said that in recent years, under the double squeeze of the cost side and the demand side, the profit space of low-end production capacity has been squeezed, and such enterprises are facing the risk of expanding investment and failure in transformation, so they began to withdraw, which is also a domestic phenomenon Water pump industry must go through the shuffle process

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