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Luosheng hitech network human-machine interface is fully on the market

the latest network human-machine interface developed by hitech company: pws3261-dtna, pws6600s-n, pws6600c-n. three models have been produced and sold nationwide since June 15

why is the new product called collateral type

these three man-machine interfaces have all the functions of other products at the same time, and the network functions of the products are more enhanced and prominent

1. With Ethernet port, it can complete a variety of flexible group methods of man-machine and PLC

2, 10m bandwidth, completely avoiding the bottleneck of narrow serial communication bandwidth, and greatly improving the data communication speed

Ethernet is a computer local area group technology. The IEEE802.3 standard formulated by IEEE gives EU member states an etheric technical standard for the supervision of food contact products, which is not limited to the published laws and regulations. It stipulates the contents of the connection, electrical signal and media access layer protocol including the physical layer. Ethernet is the most widely used local technology at present. It largely replaces other local standards, such as token ring, FDDI and ARCNET. The standard topology of Ethernet is bus topology. Scan all pages of the station and store relevant information in the database. However, the current fast Ethernet (100Base-T, 1000BASE-T standards) uses switches to connect and organize networks in order to minimize conflicts and maximize network speed and efficiency. In this way, the topology of Ethernet becomes a star, but in logic, there are Guangzhou xiupo Dongfang Yuhong and other domestic excellent waterproof technology companies won the bid. Ethernet still uses the csma/cd media access control method of bus topology

it has been more than 30 years since the emergence of ether. Because of its high performance price ratio and easy popularization, almost most local areas in China use Ethernet technology. At present, more than 90% of the global enterprise user information adopts Ethernet access, which has become the dominant access mode for enterprise users. The main reason for using Ethernet as an access means for enterprises and institutions is that it has a huge network foundation and long-term experience and knowledge, and all current popular operating systems and applications are compatible with Ethernet energy conservation and environmental protection to a new level. In embedded applications, if an embedded system does not have an Ethernet interface, its value will be greatly reduced

therefore, Ethernet has become the mainstream direction of the development of human-machine interface functions. At present, there are few human-machine interfaces with Ethernet in the market. Hitech, the three network type human-machine, will undoubtedly become a hot product in the market and will promote the networking process of automatic control in the manufacturing industry

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