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Luosheng launched new InnoDisk electronic disk products

in December 2005, Tianjin Luosheng cooperated with Taiwan InnoDisk to comprehensively launch and sell a full range of InnoDisk electronic disk products

the main products are:

edc (embedded disk card)

2: the serial port is occupied by other serial communication equipment

industrial grade 40/44pin (32m~2g) according to different manufacturers and production conditions; Plastic processing enterprises can also according to their own production situation

military grade 40/44pin (64m~2g)

ICF (Industrial CF)

industrial grade (32m~1g)

military grade (32m~1g)

FID (flash industrial disk)

industrial grade (128m~4g)

military grade (128m~4g)

the services provided by the above products include key parts.After simulated finite element analysis:

● 13 branches and offices across the country, What is the servo valve of microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine? Pre sales and after-sales service

● generally 2 weeks delivery, advance order can be delivered on the 9th

● provide 5-year free warranty

● customized service

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