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The transformation of the interconnected steel industry ushers in new opportunities

the transformation of the interconnected steel industry ushers in new opportunities

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the model of "interconnection + steel" is being put into practice. Recently, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. disclosed that it plans to inject steel and environmental protection assets at a price of 9.2 billion yuan, and set foot in the deep (mm) interconnection + e-commerce at this time. Stimulated by this news, HANGGANG shares have been trading for three consecutive days

during the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report, especially the proposal of the "interconnection +" strategy, has highlighted that its strategy has risen to the national level, and its mode has also been applied to the tertiary industry from full (4) hydraulic seal to double seal structure, and is penetrating into the primary and secondary industries

for the traditional steel industry, which has many problems such as overcapacity, vicious competition, too many intermediate traders, and low profit margin, as for all domestic oil testing markets, it is hoped that with the help of the "ecological integration" of information technology and traditional industries, it will create "interconnection + traditional steel industry = interconnected steel industry", and it is hoped that the emergence of this cross-border new business form will bring new opportunities for the transformation of the steel industry

some analysts pointed out that accelerating the deep integration of steel industrialization and interconnection will inevitably bring great changes to the traditional steel industry. The business model innovation and transformation promoted by steel e-commerce will also bring profound changes to the procurement mode, marketing mode, management mode and profit mode of the steel industry, improve the operation efficiency of the whole industrial chain and reduce the operation costs of industries and enterprises. Steel industry and Internet "hybrid", the birth of steel e-commerce, is constantly changing the industrial layout of the steel industry.

accordingly, HANGGANG is actually practicing the "Internet + steel" model, and more and more enterprises are also trying

TISCO stainless (000825) revealed on the interactive platform on April 2 that it has established its own e-commerce platform, which can provide customers with all-round one-stop services for steel processing, logistics and distribution. The company's key products enter key fields and emerging industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, containers, railways, automobiles, urban light rail, large power stations, Shenzhou series spacecraft, etc. in batches

Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (600282) is the only industrial manufacturing platform under Fosun system and the national production base of high-quality plates. At present, it is opening the road of transformation of steel + environmental protection + Internet e-commerce platform under the new normal. Recently, the company announced that it plans to invest 500million yuan to establish an energy conservation and environmental protection investment holding company to realize the transformation, upgrading and development of the company's "steel plus energy conservation and environmental protection". In addition, Fosun international [2.77%] annual report mentioned that in the layout of grafting mobile Internet in traditional industries, Fosun will build "Nangang + Finance + interconnected steel trading platform + logistics" and promote the environmental transformation of "Nangang + environmental protection investment + insurance + leasing"

Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019) and Baosteel Group plan to establish a joint venture comprehensive service platform company by relying on new technical means such as Internet and big data and strong processing and distribution service network. The company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Baosteel International subscribed a total of 1.02 billion yuan with 100% equity of Dongfang iron and steel e-commerce, with a shareholding ratio of 51%. Building an iron and steel service platform is a specific arrangement to implement the strategy of transforming from manufacturing to service (taking iron and steel as the main body and developing e-commerce and information industry) according to the strategic transformation plan of Baosteel

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