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Internet IPO has the highest return rate

the fund with the largest fund-raising scale (US $1.1 billion) Saifu phase III Fund has the largest number of investment cases and investment amount. Venture capital institution IDGVC has the largest investment amount. Xu Xin has the largest number of IPO Exit events. Yan Yan, Chen Hao Qiu zilei, the institution with the largest number of exit cases (four IPOs and one MA), Lenovo investment, the investment field with the largest increase in investment scale, and the region with the largest investment scale in e-commerce. Just in the past 2007, China's venture capital industry continued to grow at an alarming rate. According to the annual report exclusively provided by ChinaVenture, a Chinese venture capital and private equity market data research institution, to China business, the number and scale of newly raised funds in 2007 showed that China's venture capital market was becoming more and more mature; The adjustment of policies and regulations has promoted the localization process of China's venture capital market; In addition, while the Internet industry has achieved a considerable rate of return, the investment it has attracted has continued to decline, while e-commerce has become the biggest highlight of investment in 2007. The report shows that the investment scale of China's venture capital market has increased for three consecutive years. Last year, the scale of 58 newly raised funds in the Chinese market increased by 89.8 compared with 2006; 415 investment cases involved a total of US $3.589 billion, an increase of 64.5% year-on-year In 2007, the proportion of newly raised Chinese funds rose from 27 in 2006 to 43 in 2007. Jin Jianhua, vice president of ChinaVenture and head of research and consulting business, pointed out in the report that the significant growth of Chinese funds was mainly due to four points: the policy and regulatory environment (the revision and management of laws such as the partnership law, China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and the introduction of measures) The multi-level capital market (including the accelerated construction of the GEM market), the rapidly growing market demand and financing foundation. In addition, the government actively promotes the establishment of government guidance funds, participates in RMB funds, and encourages private capital to vigorously develop RMB funds. Although the growth rate of Chinese funded funds is large, the average size is only $4.43 million, which is 1/5 of the average size of foreign funded funds In addition, although the number of newly raised RMB funds has increased significantly, the newly raised tightening experiment is an experimental method often used to study the performance of materials, and the scale of RMB funds is generally small. Investment in e-commerce increased by 333. In 2007, the number of IPOs and financing scale of Chinese enterprises in domestic and overseas capital markets set a historical record, winning the global financing crown. The number of IPOs of Chinese enterprises is 242, and the financing amount is 102.372 billion US dollars. Among them, 116 Chinese enterprises IPO in the overseas capital market, with a financing amount of 35.398 billion US dollars; 126 Chinese enterprises IPO in the domestic capital market, with a financing amount of US $66.974 billion. In 2007, there were nine high return projects with IPO exits of more than 20 times: four of them were energy enterprises, two in the Internet and manufacturing industries, and one in the financial sector. Among them, in 2007, Goldwind technology IPO on the Shenzhen SME board, zhongbi fund successfully withdrew from Goldwind technology and achieved an exit return of 5300, ranking first in the single investment return rate in 2007. China Gaochuan's IPO on the main board of Hong Kong created a return on investment of 5191 for Jiangsu high-tech investment, ranking second. Softbank Saifu obtained an exit return of 3115 through the perfect time and space IPO on Nasdaq, ranking third. In 2007, the average first day return on investment of Internet IPOs was 9.25 times, ranking first in the average first day return on investment of IPOs in hot investment industries. The average return on investment on the first day of chain operation IPO was 7.89 times, and energy was 7.45 times, ranking second and third respectively. The average return on investment on the first day of medical and health, it, media and entertainment, telecommunications and value-added IPOs is 4 to 5 times. Compared with the high return rate of the above industries, the average first day investment return rate of IPO in the education industry is low, only 1.48 times. But at the same time, the capital invested in the utilization industry of Internet industries, such as automobile underbody panels, is shrinking. The number of Internet investment cases in 2007 was 104, down 31.7 from 2006; The investment amount was 621million US dollars, a decrease of 27.7 compared with last year; The average single investment amount is 5.97 million US dollars. The number of e-commerce investment cases in 2007 was 26, an increase of 333.3 over 2006; The investment amount was 188 million US dollars, an increase of 26.86% over last year The scale of e-commerce investment has exploded, ushering in a new round of investment climax

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