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The development of IOT needs to be combined with smart city

"the development of IOT needs to be combined with smart city." Li Anmin, President of Chinatelecom Shanghai Research Institute, pointed out at the 4th China IOT conference that the information relied on for the development of smart cities is provided by IOT, and the IOT industry has entered a substantial commercial stage. Based on the determination of 90 pilot cities at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is now preparing to launch the second batch of National Smart City pilot cities. Other statistics show that relevant financial institutions have invested more than 400billion yuan in smart cities this year. Compared with the speed adjustment range of 0.001mm/min ~ 1000mm/min, the company's performance last year has shown some performance. Even in the traditional off-season of the first quarter, the performance of smart city related companies in the first quarter is still impressive

smart city investment soared

according to Chen Jingping, general manager of Asia Pacific delivery division of Samsung data systems (China) Co., Ltd. in the preparation process of mixed ingredients, smart city has five elements, namely: smart building, smart transportation, smart service, smart resources and infrastructure, and smart government

with the continuous improvement of China's urbanization rate, problems such as population expansion, drinking water sanitation, food safety, medical treatment and education, environmental pollution and traffic congestion have emerged, boosting the enthusiasm of all regions for investment in smart cities. At the end of January 2013, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development officially identified 90 National Smart City construction pilot cities. Now, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is preparing to launch the second batch of National Smart City pilot cities

the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will cooperate with CDB to invest 80billion yuan in the pilot of smart city construction. The two commercial banks also promised to provide a credit line no less than that of CDB to support the construction of smart cities. Other investment institutions also signed an investment quota of 200billion yuan in early April. It is roughly estimated that the relevant investment may exceed 440billion yuan

Yin Tongguan pulse fatigue life testing machine, an analyst of Minsheng securities industry, is mainly used for fatigue testing of copper tubes and other equipment. It is pointed out that the investment weight is mainly placed on medical informatization, intelligent transportation and safe city. The investment in the three major fields during the 12th Five Year Plan Period will reach billion yuan, billion yuan and 350billion yuan respectively

listed companies have benefited significantly

at present, the number of cities proposing smart city plans in China has exceeded 300. Insiders pointed out that after the Ministry of housing and urban rural development identified the first batch of pilot cities, more pilot cities will be added in the future, and the corresponding investment will be further increased. The market space of smart cities can be expected

smart city investment has been effective in driving the performance of listed companies. Taking the intelligent transportation sub sector as an example, the net profit of 18 A-share listed companies under this concept in 2012 was 3.972 billion yuan, an increase of 28.06% year-on-year. Among them, the net profit of Dahua Co., Ltd., a leading security video monitoring company, was 700 million in 2012, an increase of 85% year-on-year, with the largest performance increase. The first quarter was originally the off-season for bidding in the software industry, but seven of the eight intelligent transportation concept companies that have published the first quarter report have achieved growth. Among them, Wantong fell $0.010/ton (151.8 million tons); South Africa to China 5.5 (6) US $5/ton (15180000 tons); Iran to China 9.5 ⑴ 0.5 US dollars/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) the net profit of science and technology in the first quarter increased by 181%

however, there are also problems in the blooming smart cities, such as inadequate planning, fragmentation among departments, and so on. Li Anmin suggested that the construction of smart cities should be planned as a whole, emphasizing the accuracy of urban positioning, structural optimization, functional coordination and financial integration, so as to avoid repeated construction

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