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Private enterprises have benefited a lot from the establishment of funds in the "12th Five Year Plan" of IOT

the core members of the task force of the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT revealed recently that the drafting of the "12th Five Year Plan of IOT industry", led by the Ministry of industry and information technology, has been completed and has been submitted to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the final demonstration stage, and its basic framework has been formed

Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chief expert of the IOT 12th Five Year Plan Research Group, also introduced to the state that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will not designate large enterprises to enter the IOT industry for industrial promotion, but will publicize specific application projects in sub sectors and encourage powerful private enterprises and research institutions to apply

Wang Shunlai, the investment manager of Jinyu international, one of the initiators of China IOT investment fund, a national IOT fund, believes that this move means that the IOT industry will be open to private enterprises, which is also reflected in the egg tray

in addition to planning the overall framework of the future, the 12th Five Year Plan for the IOT industry will also carry out special planning for specific application fields involved in the IOT industry, and each special project will carry out detailed planning for a specific application field. The above-mentioned person told the economic information daily that the subdivision special plan is rare in China's five-year (1) Brinell hardness (HB) plan, indicating that the state attaches great importance to the development of IOT industry

according to the above people, according to the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan, smart electricity, smart transportation, smart logistics, smart home, environment and safety testing, industry and automation control, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and services, and national defense and military are the ten major areas of the development of IOT industry. Therefore, the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT industry will provide targeted special plans for these areas

the above person added that taking into account the specific industry needs and industrial prospects, in the next five years, the country will first develop intelligent transportation, intelligent environmental protection and fine agriculture and animal husbandry, and may further launch relevant supporting policies and financial support

Wu Hequan confirmed this to the economic information daily. According to him, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China IOT is still in the stage of demonstration and application. The idea of industrial development should be to seek breakthroughs in some fields, drive the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and then gradually expand to more fields. Wu Hequan said that there is a huge market demand in the three major fields of transportation, environmental protection and agriculture and animal husbandry, and the relevant applications have a relatively good market prospect and a great opportunity for substantive development; Moreover, these three fields involve many enterprises and technologies upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, which can produce a good driving effect, so they will become the priority development direction of the IOT industry

Wang Shunlai told the economic information daily that with the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT, the investment opportunities of IOT industry will be completely clear, and the previous rounds of speculation in the market are also expected to turn into a real capital boost for the industry. Wang Shunlai also stressed that the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT, as the guiding principle of the industry, is highly guiding. Therefore, it is predicted that the three major fields of intelligent transportation, intelligent environmental protection and fine agriculture and animal husbandry, which are given priority by the state, will be favored by investment

experts predict that the scale of IOT industry will exceed trillion by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. The "IOT Industry Development Research (2010) report" jointly released by Zhongguancun IOT industry alliance and other institutions also predicts that the scale of IOT industry will reach 1trillion yuan by 2015 and 5trillion yuan by 2020

Zhang Hongke, a member of the research group of the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT, introduced to the economic information daily that the key development direction of the intelligent transportation subdivision project is to monitor the real-time operation of rail transit, shipping traffic and highway traffic through intelligent chips and sensors, and then detect the speed, failure, location and overall traffic congestion of vehicles through data processing, high-end positioning and benchmarking 1 flow, And provide solutions in time for different situations

no year-on-year increase of 43.65% Relevant people from Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute told the economic information daily that Wuxi had previously achieved results in river basin monitoring and other applications. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the development focus of Wuxi's intelligent environmental protection is still to monitor, warn and optimize the environment through monitoring equipment, network equipment and information processing equipment; In addition, it will also cooperate with the national energy conservation and emission reduction work to monitor and deal with the emissions of industrial enterprises

the person also said that the focus of the development of precision agriculture and animal husbandry is to use technologies such as global positioning system, geographic information system, variable processing equipment and decision support system to obtain the crop information of each small area in the plot in real time, make decisions according to the specific conditions of crops in each small area, and accurately carry out agricultural operations such as irrigation, fertilization and spraying in each small area; In addition, logistics industries such as crop transportation and warehousing relying on smart chips will also become key development targets

as for the IOT industry, which will open the door to private enterprises, Wang Shunlai believes that because the IOT industry involves complex industries, a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises, and a long capital chain, if large enterprises enter it, it will not necessarily play a driving role in the early stage of Industrial Development. Encouraging private enterprises to enter will not only contribute to the common development of all fields of the industry and upstream and downstream, but also bring more development opportunities and investment opportunities to private enterprises

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