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The first domestic IOT application appeared at the Shanghai Industrial Expo

on November 5, after the concept of IOT was hyped, IOT application appeared at the Shanghai 2009 China International Industrial Expo, which is also its first public display in China

Lianhe's water, electricity and coal meter

in the Chinatelecom IOT exhibition area of the Industrial Expo, I saw common gas meters and electricity meters at home. According to the staff, through the built-in RFID chip, the digital information in these tables can be concentrated in the data collector, and then transmitted to the telecom background system through the 3G network

in the background system of the on-site display, different electricity consumption (gas consumption) corresponding to different numbered meters are displayed. "As long as you remember the number of each meter, the hydropower and coal company will not need to come to the door to read the meter in the future, and you can see it clearly on the computer."

The staff member said that Chinatelecom could also provide value-added services according to customer needs, such as analyzing the peak and valley values of users' electricity consumption, so as to help hydropower and coal companies better understand the specific use of users' a.e.r.t., which specializes in developing recycled wood fiber to produce excellent new products and recycled polyethylene plastic for construction and construction market

in addition to combining with hydropower and coal, Chinatelecom also showed the application of IOT in air temperature and humidity regulation. By placing sensors in a specific space, the air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and other information can be transmitted to the control terminal to achieve long-distance real-time monitoring

it is understood that when the temperature and humidity in the monitoring space are higher than the normal value, the sensor will automatically control the water and power cuts. During the demonstration, the staff used a hair dryer to blow at the sensor, and the on-site power supply was automatically cut off immediately. When the temperature decreased, the power supply was restored

attached figure: Lianhe air temperature and humidity sensor

the staff said that in the future, this application can be used in agricultural production greenhouses to ensure a stable growth environment for crops, or it can be set in residents' homes to ensure a constant indoor temperature. Chinatelecom plans to implement monthly services for this 3. Overload protection can only protect sensors and equipment to a certain extent. Telecom will provide and install sensors and other hardware equipment free of charge, and users will pay a certain amount of fees every month

Cadillac with 3G

Yi Technology learned that the on-board safety information service system named "anjixing" has been installed on Cadillac vehicles newly delivered by general motors. The system works on the 3G network, and each car has an independent 189 3G number. In the telecom exhibition area of the ICIF, easy technology saw this "3G car"

it is reported that unlike other cars, the rearview mirror of 3G cars has three buttons. One is voice control. As long as you say the other person's name when driving, the car will automatically dial; One is to call the customer service center to help provide navigation, emergency alarm and other services; In addition, according to the verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine (jjg47512008), a red button is for emergency help. When the car is in danger, the system will automatically judge the car condition and ask the customer service center for help

3g car demonstration

attached figure: function button of car rearview mirror

4g network application

in addition to the above 3G network-based applications, 4G applications will also appear in the telecom booth in the future. In August this year, Chinatelecom officially announced that it would realize 3G network coverage in cities above the county level nationwide, with a maximum of 3.1m wireless downloads, about 20 times higher than that in the 2.5G era. Compared with 3G, the download peak of 4G network can reach 100m

at the "hum search" booth, hum a sentence at random, and you will quickly search on the 4G network. After confirmation, the song can immediately become a ringtone. At the same time, 4G technology has also been applied to the interaction of IPTV TVs. We would rather spend a little more money to buy imported instruments that will last longer in mobile games and high-definition video conferencing in the office

at present, Chinatelecom has begun the pilot work of 4G network, and will take the lead in testing in the Expo Park, providing services including HD video monitoring, HD IPTV, HD conference TV, etc

interactive game based on 4G network

HD video conference presentation

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