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Internet may become a "life-saving straw" in the bathroom industry.

offline physical stores are the traditional sales channels of bathroom enterprises. In recent years, various operating costs have risen, product sales have continued to decline, and profits have decreased again and again. It seems that income will be unable to make ends meet. Bathroom enterprises have regarded Internet as a "life-saving straw". It is true that many costs can be cut by using Internet bathroom enterprises, but if bathroom enterprises want to share this "big cake", they must find a specific transformation path

the home furnishing industry blows the "Internet wind"

insiders believe that the current national home furnishing industry is relatively depressed compared with previous years. Not only is the growth target set at the beginning of the year difficult to achieve, many enterprises are even facing the threat of loss and bankruptcy. At this time node, the power of enterprise transformation is strong. For e-commerce, many enterprises in traditional industries have experienced the process of "invisible, despised, unable to understand, and unable to catch up". Therefore, many home furnishing enterprises began to pay close attention to and follow up the emerging potential opportunities of Internet

the market value of China's transformation of existing building doors and windows will exceed trillion yuan

but is Internet really the "life-saving straw" of traditional enterprises? For many traditional home furnishing business owners, it is not easy to transform and upgrade in the traditional sense, especially for some older entrepreneurs who are not interested in computers and Internet to transform to Internet

products, channels and services are indispensable.

what is the transformation path of sanitary ware enterprises under the background of transforming to Internet? Insiders pointed out that the path mainly revolves around three aspects: products, channels and services. So that it will not produce liquid leakage when it produces solid-liquid phase change. "E-commerce and other interconnected technologies are very useful tools, but * the fundamental thing is whether the product quality and product can meet the needs of consumers. If the foundation is done, supplemented by interconnected thinking and technology, the rapid development of enterprises can be achieved."

sanitary ware enterprises are traditional manufacturing enterprises, and the marketing method is often to develop channel dealers. However, at present, more and more sanitary ware enterprises have begun to establish official accounts, open official account, and build an Internet talent team. Yongtai technology products include more than 80 varieties such as liquid crystal chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals. Indeed, there are no time and space restrictions on the Internet. Bathroom enterprises can achieve the effect that the traditional model cannot achieve by using the Internet to engage in marketing. Network virtual display can also save space rent, water and electricity, labor and other expenses

in addition to channels and products, services can also not be ignored. However, the development of bathroom e-commerce is limited by the large volume, heavy weight and high requirements for after-sales service and experience of bathroom products. This is known as the "one kilometer later problem" in the bathroom industry. However, the huge market cake has infinite charm. Since 2011, the service mode called "landing distribution" has begun to rise. This mode refers to the third-party service provider providing local bathroom sellers with "one kilometer later" intra city distribution and door-to-door installation by integrating local installation self-employed businesses. Not only grassroots entrepreneurs are interested, but many regular soldiers in the logistics and distribution industry are also eager for this cake, such as Haier ririshun and so on

in general, the transformation of bathroom enterprises to the Internet is the general trend, and the specific path of transformation, products, channels and services are indispensable

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