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The 70th China Education Equipment Exhibition will be hosted by China Education Equipment Industry Association, organized by Liaoning Provincial Department of education and Shenyang Municipal People's government, and organized by Shanghai Xinbao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Ping'an campus will be held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province from May 8 to May 10, 2016. At that time, educational equipment production and management enterprises from all over the country will organize groups to participate in the exhibition, and comprehensively display the new achievements, new technologies and new products of the national educational equipment industry. With the increasing influence of various physical and mechanical property tests of plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials on the material development exhibition, more and more education departments and educational equipment production and management enterprises pay close attention to and actively participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is an important platform to show the latest development of China's educational equipment industry and an important window for educational equipment production and management enterprises to go out. It is the best platform for enterprises to establish brands, promote products, and exchange transactions. It is also the best platform for all walks of life to understand the development trend of the educational equipment industry, feel the innovation pulse in the field of educational equipment Due to the appearance of machines with similar external forms, they are high-end platforms that share educational equipment product information under various names. I have the honor to participate in this exhibition

the exhibition of educational equipment is inseparable from Internet +. First of all, let us know about the background and policy trends of video multimedia applications in the Internet + era

from the beginning, the ten-year development plan for education informatization () implemented the construction of high-quality digital education resources, accelerated the construction of the public service platform of the National Teacher Education Network Alliance, and actively carried out pre service Distance education and training connected with post service to the outline of the national medium and long term education reform and development plan (2010 2020) Establish and improve the care service system and dynamic monitoring mechanism for rural left behind children led by the government and participated by the society. And then to the development of Internet: the construction of automatic recording and broadcasting system: real-time synchronous broadcasting and recording of open classes and high-quality classes. The pace of educational development has been very fast. These developments are inseparable from high-quality video conferencing products, and Dong is a member of this family

action is in education, but this is not the key to the problem. It is widely used and has complete functions

1: Full HD education video conference

2: software and hardware combined with video teaching training

3: HD full-automatic multimedia recording and broadcasting

4: remote synchronous classroom

there are also components for installing load sensors on the beam and clamping experimental films 5: Teaching Discussion

6: simple course recording

7: fine micro class recording

8: Care for left behind children

9: safe campus and emergency command

10 key words: simple school Park TV station

welcome to this exhibition, which will present a perfect Internet + education with the most professional technology

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