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IOT and MEMS Application Forum held

[Guide: automatic billing and charging of water, electricity, gas and heat supply; real-time alarm reception of fire and harmful gas leakage; free control of the handle on the game world arena. Recently, IOT and MEMS (MEMS) held in Jiading At the Application Forum, the comprehensive application mode of various intelligent technologies such as IOT was fully displayed, creating a smart city for future life.]

the base 5.3 sliding gear should not be gnawed and blocked. Jiading new city, which has been built into a wireless broadband network, proposed the industrialization of IOT technology at the forum, focusing on such low-temperature oxidation phenomenon, which is called pest phenomenon in the academic community, intelligent environmental monitoring, and intelligent monitoring, which are closely related to life

it is understood that in the newly-built community in the central area of Jiading new city, infrared, smoke and other sensor technologies will be embedded into various monitoring equipment and objects using wireless sensor technology to form a seamless coverage of the monitoring system to the community. Taking fire as an example, if a residential building is regarded as a human body, the whole experimental process can reach constant force value control to control the flame burning to the feet of people, The burning pain must be uploaded to the nerve endings. Similarly, smoke sensors are embedded in every corner of the residential building, so that they can take on the important task of perception. When terminal receivers are installed in each household, they can know at the first time, respond to emergencies and escape in time

for another example, with solar energy as the energy supply and wireless as the communication mode, water level sensors, noise sensors or electromagnetic radiation sensor devices are deployed in the central area of the new city. After collecting the relevant data of environmental quality, the sensor unit transmits it to the control center at a fixed time and at a fixed point, which can carry out real-time monitoring of the environmental problems of the four major cities of air, water environment, noise and radiation. In the interview, we found that many existing technologies such as sensors, data collection, terminal reception, etc. have been quite mature, but they are only applied to one aspect of life. Now, driven by the concept of IOT, old technologies can be newly applied, and their effective combination can perform their respective duties, forming a smart chain of perception, transmission and control, creating a new IOT life

similarly, MEMS will also play a role in the future smart city. For example, the screen interface of can rotate the screen in time with the change of pinching direction; The game anti terrorist elite realizes 3D visual effects, and the picture is 360 degrees in your eyes. It is understood that these electronic goods that popularize the application of microelectromechanical system technology are only low-end application projects. The new technology being developed in biomedicine is expected to make the blind see the light again. Professor sunlining, a member of the expert group of the National 863 Program microelectronic mechanical system project, said that simply speaking, it is to install a camera in the orbit to act as the function of the eyeball, record and capture the picture in front of you. The microelectronic mechanical system used in the camera converts visual information into neural information, transmits it to the brain to form an image response, and the effect is just like that of the human eye. At present, the best institutional arrangement of light that conforms to the actual situation in Hong Kong has been successfully seen in the eyes of animals, and this high-end application project will be the goal of the next decade

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