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"Internet +" is getting better and better. There are great potential development opportunities for smart packaging. Release date: Source: printing Liu Libin, executive vice president of Henan Nonferrous Metals Association, told the industry magazine editor: Yujia Views: 7755 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: the huge market and potential opportunities for smart packaging indicate that this sunrise industry will become a new jumping point for China's economic development. Therefore, the research and implementation of industrialized printing of intelligent packaging is forward-looking and innovative, and has practical guiding value and practical significance

[China Packaging News] the huge market and potential opportunities of intelligent packaging indicate that this sunrise industry will become a new jumping point for China's economic development. Therefore, the research and implementation of industrialized printing of intelligent packaging is forward-looking and innovative, and has practical guiding value and practical significance

with the implementation of the national IOT plan, the subsequent social demand for various functional commodity packaging has become particularly urgent, and intelligent packaging is emerging at the right time. On the basis of interconnection, IOT intelligent packaging extends and extends the packaging to any item for information exchange and communication, that is, the connection of things. Because this technology covers many industries and fields such as IOT, intelligence, packaging, etc., it is referred to as IOT intelligent packaging for short. IOT intelligent packaging enables consumers to know more about the product information through the product packaging when purchasing, so as to achieve the purpose of facilitating consumers' purchase

Internet + packaging gives birth to new opportunities

packaging is a high-frequency information transmission tool, and intelligent packaging will open the new blue ocean of packaging IOT and form data interaction with consumers through the already popular mobile intelligent terminals. In modern life, various kinds of packaging have penetrated into all aspects of people's life. At present, packaging manufacturing is integrating traditional printing technology, digital printing technology and mobile Internet, e-commerce and IOT technology, actively building an intelligent packaging manufacturing system, and promoting the transformation of traditional packaging and printing from the basic function of commodity beautification and commodity protection to the digital identification and correlation between packaging information and modern IOT, and to the rapid service of consumers, Its key technologies are intelligent correlation technology of digital information and customization and security anti-counterfeiting technology

the domestic printing industry has always been in the stage of transformation and development and technological upgrading, following the principle of survival of the fittest, and intelligent packaging, an attractive huge cake, has become the target of many powerful companies. Shenzhen Jinjia color printing, meiyingsen and other companies have high-profile announced to enter the field of intelligent packaging, and predicted that the market space is trillions. The huge market and potential opportunities of intelligent packaging indicate that this sunrise industry will become a new jumping point for China's economic development. Therefore, the research and implementation of industrialized printing of intelligent packaging is forward-looking and innovative, and has practical guiding value and practical significance

it has to be said that the concept of "interconnection +" in China echoes Germany's "industry 4.0", which represents a new trend in the development of manufacturing in China. "Interconnection + packaging" is the embodiment of the "industry 4.0" development model. At the same time, the "Internet +" model has promoted the arrival of the customization era, and the packaging industry will also be redefined. Traditional packaging enterprises are expected to seize new heights in the future market through Internet innovation. For the packaging industry, integrating cloud computing, big data and IOT technology to realize the development mode of "interconnection + packaging" will promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry and bring new opportunities to traditional industries

application of IOT intelligent packaging technology

intelligent packaging involves research in multidisciplinary fields, such as materials science, microelectronics science, chemistry, artificial intelligence, microbial technology, computer technology, etc. the development of these technologies promotes the development of intelligent packaging technology. Its application fields are smart electricity, smart transportation, smart logistics, smart home, environment and safety detection, industry and automation control, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and service industry, national defense and military. Although there is no word of packaging and printing in these ten application fields, many industries in them are related to packaging and printing, because packaging is a carrier, which previously carried some graphics, information, structures and materials that can be seen, but at this stage, the development of IOT may carry more information. Among them, according to the different proportion of each technology in its application and its working principle, intelligent packaging can be divided into functional material intelligent packaging technology, functional structure intelligent packaging technology and information intelligent packaging technology. Driven by the development of mainstream technologies such as digitalization, whole process, green integrated manufacturing and services in the printing industry, intelligent packaging manufacturing is getting better with "industry 4.0" and "Internet +". The development of intelligent packaging technology can be summarized as follows:

1 Electronic labels are used to carry out traceable transportation and packaging of goods to reflect the logistics information of goods

the scientific, low-cost and rationalization of packaging technology is the basic guarantee for the development of modern logistics. In particular, intelligent packaging technology has played an important role in modern logistics. The lack and error of packaging information will directly affect the development of all links of the logistics industry; The insufficient development of intelligent packaging will also restrict the scanning equipment management and computer management in the modern logistics industry. Therefore, the development of packaging technology directly affects the development and progress of modern logistics industry

traceable transportation packaging technology, as an automatic transportation management packaging technology, can track and manage the transportation container information on the circulation line in all aspects, and use the control center to adjust and manage the transportation line and the commodity information in transportation, so as to realize convenient commodity circulation management and effectively reduce the transportation cost. At the same time, it can also use modern information technology and satellite positioning technology to build an intelligent logistics management system. Electronic label is an important application of traceability in transportation packaging

2. Use electronic information combination packaging to reflect the information of commodity production and sales

electronic information combination packaging is a reflection of the intellectualization of B1 level reporting production and sales information for commodity production. It is mainly composed of electronic chips, software and bar codes with the function of recording information, which can help users understand the use attributes of commodities and the logistics management problems of commodities. What else do we need to do to integrate the name, function, composition, shelf life, price, and usage of goods with electronic information combined packaging technology? Information is stored in the package of microchips in a digital form. This packaging method with electronic data information is basically applicable to all goods, and it can facilitate consumers to read these information

an American university has developed an intelligent microwave heating package, which encodes the processing information of commodity packaging into information codes. These information codes are identified by the barcode scanner and microwave processor of the microwave oven, and the processing information is obtained through the information codes, so as to control the heating effect of the microwave oven. As a carrier, this intelligent microwave heating packaging technology realizes the connection between commodities, packaging and microwave ovens

3. Application of digital information association service technology

nowadays, digital recognition devices such as intelligence and mobile Internet have gone deep into public life. The technical application of providing users with digital information association service anytime and anywhere will be the key to the technological development of intelligent packaging enterprises in the future. First of all, only when packaging and printing enterprises recognize the unique digital and network characteristics of digital printing and take the initiative to transform and upgrade from manufacturing to service, can they actively introduce "Internet +" to transform or reconstruct their own product manufacturing process, so as to turn static product packaging into dynamic intelligent packaging. The second is to use the diversity of digital printing imaging methods to provide packaging users with integrated related services from creative design to product manufacturing, and print various digital supervision codes according to the needs of intelligent packaging digital information association, such as drug electronic supervision barcode, two-dimensional barcode, key, watermark and special texture, so as to provide users with services such as traceability, price comparison, distribution and payment, and realize the intellectualization of packaging

4. Application of exclusive experience intelligent packaging manufacturing technology

in today's new market environment of interaction and experience, integrating user experience, mobile Internet, e-commerce platform and digital printing technology to guide or create the sense of exclusivity and experience of packaging users is the premise of creating the demand for intelligent packaging, and it is also the driving force for the development of intelligent packaging manufacturing technology. The development of intelligent packaging manufacturing technology should not only induce or strengthen users' experience of "touch, vision and smell" through the all-round design of intelligent packaging, enhance the experience function and feeling of volume labels, and make volume labels have more information feelings, but also be able to use digital printing to make experiential labels for specific groups or the needs of specific groups, and be able to use the Internet in real time to push the feeling of user experience, Improve users' interactivity, sense of participation and satisfaction. For example, smart labels that meet the specific "touch" are printed on high-end gifts or luxury goods, and smart packages that stimulate the "visual" sense are printed on various special materials such as metallic luster, super bright film, rough facial mask, holographic film, aluminum spray film, three-dimensional three-dimensional holographic imaging, etc

the future of IOT intelligent packaging

with the increasing demand for personalized and high-end packaging, how to make full use of Internet technology and provide integrated services becomes more and more important. According to the announcement of Listed Companies in the packaging sector, packaging enterprises are trying to establish an intelligent packaging IOT platform and build an intelligent packaging ecological chain. While achieving stable growth, they are expected to continue to strengthen the transformation to integrated integrated packaging solutions

digital functional printing and IOT intelligent packaging are the products of the combination of digital printing technology and IOT technology, which is becoming the key development direction of the digital printing industry. Relying on integrated manufacturing technology, digital printing technology can embed many functional materials and information into various test samples, packaging, labels and other products. On the one hand, it can make products have some specific and personalized functions, such as thermochromism, on the other hand, it can also make products have special identification functions and anti-counterfeiting functions, so that products can be traced

in the new era of "industry 4.0" of cloud computing, installing extensometers on standard tensile samples or pasting strain gauge data, and mobile Internet, digitalization and intellectualization are becoming a new driving force for the development of the printing industry. As long as packaging enterprises integrate the existing printing technologies with emerging IT technologies and new materials, create the intelligent needs of users' packaging, and create differences with their peers in intellectualization, they can seize the new heights of intelligent packaging manufacturing technology and intelligent technology, and promote the high-quality, efficient, sustainable and healthy development of enterprises

the combination of intelligent packaging and interconnection can use cloud storage, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies to lead goods into intelligent production, and realize automatic processes from detection, tracking to intelligent inspection through real-time information collection, creating a new value chain and ecosystem. This model provides personalized demand services to enhance the added value of products, so as to build a new industrial chain business model, which is the general trend of the whole packaging industry at present. In information technology, things

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