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Interconnection + lighting has become a development hotspot. How can intelligent lighting achieve explosion

Abstract: the concept of interconnection + lighting has become a development hotspot, and more and more enterprises continue to add smart lighting. It even attracted many non lighting enterprises to rush for food. For example, Xiaomi, magic slope is 3db/oct family, Qualcomm and other electronic enterprises have launched intelligent lighting products one after another, intending to get a piece of it

since the "interconnection +" action plan was put forward, modern manufacturing has accelerated the deep integration with interconnection. The same is true of LED lighting industry. The concept of interconnection + lighting has become a hot spot of development, and more and more enterprises continue to increase the scale of intelligent lighting. It is difficult to adapt to the actual situation. Undoubtedly, intellectualization is an important trend of LED lighting in the future, and the intelligent lighting market is expected to usher in an explosion

according to the "analysis report on the development prospects and investment strategic planning of China's intelligent lighting industry", by 2016, the scale of China's LED intelligent lighting market will reach 43billion yuan, an increase of more than four times from 10billion yuan in 2014

the broad prospect of intelligent lighting market has even attracted many non lighting enterprises to grab food. For example, Xiaomi, Meizu, Qualcomm and other electronic enterprises have launched intelligent lighting products one after another, with the intention of taking a share

intelligent lighting products are widely favored, one of the important reasons is the hidden IOT. Because lighting equipment is a terminal equipment and the foundation of IOT. Intelligent lighting equipment can undoubtedly take advantage of the situation to enter the field of IOT

there is no need to say more about the large IOT market. According to the above report, the global IOT market will reach US $1100billion by 2020. Therefore, these enterprises want to pry the market and share the cake through intelligent lighting devices

then, how can intelligent lighting achieve explosion? According to the Internet thinking, the user experience is the key to open the market for smart devices. Therefore, for intelligent lighting enterprises, the first thing to consider is how to improve the user experience

in this regard, intelligent lighting can start from "useful" and "innovative". "See Figure 1 in this website for details" means that intelligent lighting products must do a good job in basic functions, including lighting comfort, appearance design, etc. Only after meeting the requirements of "usefulness" can we consider more intelligent functions, namely "innovation"

although as one of the most used devices, there is still much room for improvement in the actual experience. For example, realize on-demand lighting, improve the level of automation, etc. Through "innovation", intelligent lighting products can achieve explosive growth

in addition, intelligent lighting products can also get customers through free or subsidized ways, and quickly occupy the market. This method requires higher requirements for enterprises, because it is necessary to change the business model of traditional products to create value and replace it with mining the user value behind the data

use σ B (PA) said that intelligent lighting products seem insignificant, but in fact they have great potential. In the future, they can also develop towards resource sharing and interconnection, and even become a new carrier of interconnection. It is conceivable that there is a lot of space

to sum up, intelligent lighting is the future development trend of LED lighting, and relevant enterprises should find ways to mobilize consumers' enthusiasm to actively replace intelligent lighting products. At that time, intelligent lighting can usher in an explosion

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