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"Interconnection + manufacturing" will be one of the trends of the future manufacturing industry

Abstract: the large-scale assembly line production mode engaged in by large machines, large industries and a large number of personnel is no longer the mainstream, and the information intangible industry will become the key capital 4 The strength of backbone enterprises has been significantly enhanced. In this process, digitalization, networking and informatization are replacing labor, capital and land as the source of "added value" in manufacturing

horse these signals are amplified by high-speed amplifiers. The cloud has a fashionable name "made in Internet" for "interconnection + manufacturing". The background of the popularity of this term is that China's manufacturing industry is undergoing a profound change from "made in China" to "made in Internet". In this sense, The integration of global manufacturing and Internet (generally referred to as network, big data, artificial intelligence and other informatization) is an inevitable trend in the future

"interconnection + manufacturing" is an inevitable trend

in the industrialization period, the manufacturing industry meets the demand through economies of scale, so as to obtain rich profits, which is the fundamental reason why "made in China" is popular all over the world. However, in the information age, the demand side of the manufacturing industry presents the characteristics of decentralization and personalization, and impacts the whole value chain process of the traditional manufacturing industry. Therefore, from "made in China" to "made in Internet", it reflects the transformation from economies of scale in the period of industrialized economy to intelligent economy in the period of information economy, which not only means the change of production mode, but also an adaptive change from the demand side to the supply side

the world is undergoing a revolutionary change. Toffler, one of the most influential social thinkers today, believes that the third wave is the information revolution, which is specifically manifested as follows: the insulation materials of refrigerators and freezers in contact with food are polyurethane foam, and information processing technology is introduced in the work process of a wide range of production activities, so as to bring the automation of these departments to a new level; Secondly, the combination of telecommunication and computer system can transmit information to any place in the world in a few seconds, so that all aspects of human activities show the characteristics of information activities; Finally, information and information machines become active participants in all activities, and even participate in human perceptual activities, conceptual activities and original activities

the large-scale assembly line production mode engaged by large machines, large industries and a large number of personnel is no longer the mainstream, and the information intangible industry will become a key resource. In this process, digitalization, networking and informatization are replacing labor, capital and land as the source of "added value" in manufacturing. "Internet +" is not only a platform, tool and means, but also a massive amount of big data and artificial intelligence. After big data and artificial intelligence are integrated into the manufacturing industry, the whole value chain process of the manufacturing industry will be reshaped and optimized, and the manufacturing industry will undergo all-round industrial changes in the future. Therefore, "made in Internet" is the inevitable trend of manufacturing in China and even in the world

looking at "made in Internet" from the perspective of supply-demand relationship can better highlight that this change itself is a compliant change on the supply side of manufacturing industry. Economics believes that resources are always scarce, but in reality there is excess demand, which indicates that natural resources and physical resources have entered a structural surplus with the substantial increase of social productivity after the industrial revolution, but the matching of resources and the differentiation of individual needs are still absolutely scarce. The structural imbalance between supply and demand and the "dislocation of supply and demand" have become the biggest obstacles to the current economic development. In essence, the supply side of industrialized economies of scale cannot match the personalized and decentralized desirable demand in the information economy period

interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence, especially the artificial intelligence represented by business data, can match the massive demand. "Made in Internet" makes the new and existing metal like heat conduction and conductivity, high rigidity and strength, and the manufacturing industry presents products with intelligence and service, and the intelligence and digitalization of the whole manufacturing process can meet the decentralization and personalization of consumption. "Made in Internet", a two-way connection and interaction between manufacturers and consumers. Internet platform enterprises provide manufacturers with full chain services of information (upstream user needs), raw materials (global purchase can be realized on the platform), sales (new retail platform), and logistics (throughout the production and sales links), which is actually the reconstruction and optimization of the manufacturing value chain, so as to obtain broader profits and development space than physical manufacturing

macro reasoning seems to be universal, while the actual micro manufacturing factory may be more persuasive. Taking the traditional clothing manufacturing industry with foreign trade orders as an example, August and August is an embarrassing time period, because the summer clothing style has already been completed, and the autumn and winter clothing orders have not yet started. Many factories choose to stop production and have holidays, and a large number of production lines are idle. The "Amoy factory" based on "made in Internet" as the core allows a large number of clothing processing plants scattered all over the country to speed up production in the off-season, They rely on online connection of e-commerce sellers with processing needs

looking at "made in Internet" such as "taochang" from the perspective of supply side structural reform has at least two meanings: first, from a micro perspective, it can improve the supply quality of the manufacturing industry (higher quality and more personalized supply), less inventory (a closer linkage between supply and demand to avoid excessive inventory), and low logistics costs. Second, from a macro perspective, the new growth economic theory believes that, Due to the law of diminishing marginal benefit of investment, the troika of investment, consumption and export on the demand side eventually tends to slow down, while new business forms and new business models brought about by innovation and optimization of factor resources in the supply side such as big data and red economy have become the "new kinetic energy" of economic growth

therefore, in this sense, "made in Internet" is an important tool to promote the supply side structural reform and supply upgrading of manufacturing industry, and it is also one of the trends of manufacturing industry in the future

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