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Network media plays an active role in the prevention and control of SARS in Ningxia

People's Yinchuan, May 2 - Zhou Zhizhong reported: open the network, click on the Yinchuan government hall run by the Yinchuan Municipal People's government, and you can see some knowledge about the prevention and control of SARS in the special column "Yinchuan highlights": "the characteristics of this SARS and its difference from the common cold", "FAQs about SARS", "How does SARS spread", "prevent 'SARS' from invading schools, and implement closed management without leaving schools during May Day", etc. We can see from this the positive role of the Internet media in the prevention and treatment of SARS

a sudden SARS epidemic has made the network media also participate in the special battle against "SARS", which has no smoke of gunpowder. It is just to take advantage of high-tech media. Ningxia health, sponsored by the health department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is the main battlefield for the publicity of the special battle against SARS in Ningxia. In its "latest bulletin" board, the policy documents and leadership speeches of the autonomous region, national ministries and commissions, as well as the central and State Council on the prevention and control of "SARS" are published in time. The "health information" column has specially prepared professional knowledge to prevent "SARS" for people on the "May Day" festival, such as "decocting traditional Chinese medicine", "dietary nutrition and 'SARS' prevention", "keeping clean and correct elimination 1. There are many ways and methods for the safety protective equipment of tensile testing machine", "drugs to prevent' SARS' cannot be abused" and so on

in the "Ningxia transportation information" run by the Department of transportation of the autonomous region, the "regional transportation" column published 6 requirements of the Department of transportation of the autonomous region, 8 measures to prevent and control "SARS" and "handling free road and Bridge licenses for vehicles to prevent" SARS ". In the column of "publicity of government affairs", the Department of transportation of the Autonomous Region announced to the public the duty of the autonomous region, especially the Department of transportation, to prevent and control SARS. In the "SARS prevention information" column, we will promptly inform the transportation departments of all parts of the country, with emphasis on the western region, and neighboring provinces and regions adjacent to the autonomous region of the implementation of SARS prevention and control

Ningxia education information, sponsored by Ningxia Education Department, is a network for colleges, technical secondary schools and primary and secondary schools. 3. The experimental machine should be installed on a solid foundation, opening up the "special topic of SARS prevention and control", with a total of 5 windows, 5 The relative error of torque indication: ± 1% is the release of the documents of the Department of education of the autonomous region on the prevention and control of SARS, and the dynamics of the prevention and control of SARS in the education system of the autonomous region; Third, China's Daily "SARS" epidemic; Fourth, the training video of the Ministry of health on SARS Treatment; Fifth, the "national special topic on SARS prevention and control" connected with China's education and scientific research computers

Ningxia science and technology information has opened a special page for the prevention and control of "SARS", which tracks and informs the epidemic situation of "SARS" in Ningxia in a timely manner, as well as columns such as "scientific and technological progress", "preventive measures", "preventive knowledge", "disinfection methods", "expert consultation", etc. On the morning of March 4, the "bulletin board" included the latest SARS prevention and control institutions and donation accounts established by the relevant departments of the autonomous region

sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Party committee of Ningxia, "Ningxia" has recently opened up a unique "today's attention", which broadcasts the latest news on the prevention and treatment of "SARS" every day. The latest news about the prevention and treatment of SARS in Ningxia was also broadcast in the columns of "Ningxia" and "important news". In addition, Ningxia economic information and others have also reported on the prevention and control of SARS

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