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China's pulp molding industry uses high-grade products to open up a big market at the second inter station pulp molding new technology and equipment exhibition and 2000 annual meeting of the pulp molding industry held by Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in Jinan, China, the pulp molding machinery and products branch of China food and packaging machinery industry Association proposed that the focus of future work should be to take science and technology as the guide, Take the communication information as the channel, take the market economy as the lever, and use high-grade products to open up large markets at home and abroad

one of the specific plans is to organize some enterprises and institutions in the industry to attend the conference in the United States. The international pulp molding and environmental protection packaging Association will hold the fifth international pulp mold seminar in the United States in September, 2000. The seminar brought together many presidents of companies, senior researchers of scientific research institutes and entrepreneurs providing relevant auxiliary materials and services in the pulp mold machinery and products industry all over the world. In april1999, the Chinese delegation attended the Third Symposium held in the United States and received a very high courtesy from the president of the general assembly. Domestic enterprises participating in the meeting with the Association showed their products at the meeting, and had extensive contacts and business negotiations with entrepreneurs and researchers from various countries. In order to further understand the international market and improve the competitiveness of China's pulp mold products in the international market, China pulp mold machinery and products branch will organize relevant personnel of the industry to participate in the international pulp mold seminar held in the United States in September

in order to make better use of the high-speed and fast way of electronic network, timely convey the information of pulp molding industry, and provide an international window for the majority of enterprises in the industry to understand the market information at home and abroad; At the same time, it also provides a fast and effective tool for the publicity and business promotion of enterprises in the industry, so as to promote their products to the market and strengthen the communication and cooperation among enterprises. The pulp molding machinery and products branch of China food and packaging machinery industry association decided to establish "China Pulp molding industry information". The server is located in the United States. It is the first national pulp molding industry site in China. It receives visits and inquiries from people in the pulp molding industry around the world 24 hours a day. In order to increase the number of visitors to the station, the association will, on the one hand, publicize "China's pulp molding industry information" through exhibitions, conferences, newspapers, television, etc., on the other hand, it will register the information in well-known search engines and directories at home and abroad. At the same time, it will also establish an "information bridge" to the world with the international pulp molding Association. Third, prepare to establish the pulp molding products and equipment marketing center of the industry association. The relevant person in charge of the association pointed out that the year 2000 was a crucial year for the development of the pulp mold industry. It will be known in this year whether the industry can replace foamed tableware as scheduled in 2000 after years of hard work and become the leader among many substitutes. Under this situation, after repeated discussion at the meeting, the enterprise representatives agreed that it is feasible for the industry to achieve the expected purpose in the form of marketing center. The marketing center will be established in three steps. First, a center preparation team will be formed in the first half of 2000. 2、 Establish an industrial product exhibition and sales center in Beijing to collect the competitive products of the whole industry, which are very difficult, and seize the main market channel. 3、 By the end of 2000, the center will be built into a legal entity with independent accounting. The goal of the marketing center is to enable industrial products to enter the international and domestic bulk customer markets with a unified image. From the effective date of the ban, we will ensure that the products can be supplied to customers in a timely manner with both quality and quantity guaranteed. At the same time, we will prevent the competition in the industry, such as the market capacity of plastic extruders, from further expanding. If the product does not meet your parameters, we can also customize and lower the price at any time, so that the whole industry can develop healthily. (China Packaging News, April 24)

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