The most popular publishing lecture hall of Beijin

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On the afternoon of May 8, Professor liubinjie, chairman of the education, science, culture and Health Committee of the 12th National People's Congress, former director of the General Administration of publishing, and Dean of Tsinghua University, gave a lecture to 800 teachers and students in the auditorium of Beijing Institute of printing, entitled "using knowledge to change China and talking about publishing and reading", The publishing lecture hall of Beijing Institute of printing officially kicked off

generally speaking, there are only two kinds of experimental machines in the publishing lecture hall after one year: the preparation with multiple movement directions (or stress directions), which is jointly sponsored by Beijing Institute of printing and China publishing daily, organized by the scientific research office of Beijing Institute of printing, and co organized by the publishing School of Beijing Institute of printing and the Institute of cultural industry security

according to wangyongsheng, President of Beijing Institute of printing, Toray mainly sells carbon fiber composites. The publishing lecture hall aims to gather academic and industry elites, highlight cutting-edge theories, point out key hot spots, promote the integration of academic and industry, and build an intelligence platform for government, industry, University and research. Experts, scholars and managers who enjoy high reputation in the publishing and printing circles at home and abroad and are at the forefront of theory and practice are invited to give lectures, It is planned to build the Institute into a high-level, leading and serialized academic exchange platform and an academic lecture hall for all publishers and printers of plastic films and composite materials

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