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On the 20th, Meng Lingyan, chairman of China Daily Glass Association, said at the 5th China crystal and glass products exhibition held in Pujiang County, Zhejiang province that after years of development, Pujiang County has risen to become the largest crystal and glass products production and marketing base in China

DSM's largest material center in the world, which was built at the beginning of Pujiang crystal industry, is just a part of the investment plan. In the 1990s, it has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, the products mainly include crystal glass handicrafts, crystal lamps and lamp accessories, rhinestones and jewelry, with an annual sales of more than 4billion yuan. The production and sales of crystal handicrafts account for more than 60% of the country, and have been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets. Pujiang is known as the "city of crystal and glass"

hongjianwei, director of Pujiang County Economic and commercial bureau, said that Pujiang now has more than 2100 crystal products enterprises, more than 6000 processing shops and more than 50000 employees. Crystal glass products have become one of the pillar industries of the county. Zhangxuegan, executive vice president of the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, who came to the exhibition, said to introduce that the ancient town of Zhongshan City, Guangdong is the largest lighting production base in Asia. Among them, more than 4000 Pujiang people are engaged in lighting products here. In the market, 705 crystal glass accessories with effective width of more than 150mm come from Pujiang

crystal glass is a new type of material between crystal and plexiglass. It has both the transparency and brightness of crystal and the flexibility of plexiglass. It overcomes the shortcomings of low natural crystal reserves, high price, high hardness and processing problems. It has been widely used to process into practical handicrafts such as crystal lighting, item chains, ashtrays, crystal sculptures and crystal decorative materials. It has a broad development prospect

under the internal economic cycle, the utilization of high-performance carbon fiber composites in Chengdu, China (1) in April 2021 will require several years of exploration and R & D. the Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry.

2020, with the outbreak of global epidemics and the prevention and control of domestic epidemics effectively controlled, the global economic pattern will also change. Our products are Shenzhou manned space project, Beijing Olympic Games, national defense and ordnance industry The aerospace industry has provided great changes in green, environment-friendly and high-performance materials. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually [details]

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