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The price of pulp fluctuated steadily in 2005. Up to now, the wood pulp in China's paper-making raw materials mainly depends on foreign imports, which account for more than 80% of the domestic paper-making wood pulp fiber consumption. Therefore, the changes of the domestic pulp market, the rise and fall of prices, and the relationship between supply and demand directly affect the nerves of pulp and paper mills and distributors at home and abroad. From January to September 2004, China imported 5.5111 million tons of various types of pulp, an increase of 1.101 million tons or 22.49% over 4.491 million tons in the same period last year. In 2004, the total import volume of pulp was about 7.2 million tons. In 2005, the price of commercial pulp will not fluctuate greatly. According to the statistical data and forecast of pppc, in 2005, China's demand for pulp was 49.53 million tons, and the available supply was 52.84 million tons, with a supply-demand rate of 94%. Generally speaking, when the supply and demand rate is above 91%, it indicates that the market is in short supply. From the above prediction, we can see that the total supply of commercial wood pulp is enough to support the rapid development demand of China's paper industry. Relevant experts believe that from the perspective of the international market, except for China, there is no big growth in pulp demand and no big gap in pulp supply. The growth in demand in the Chinese market is unlikely to change the general trend of pulp prices. The price of pulp will stabilize and fluctuate, and there will be no large fluctuation. With the growth of market demand for paper and the continuous development of domestic paper industry, the production of large and high-speed paper machines and the upgrading of product structure, especially the lagging development of domestic commercial pulp, it is expected that the demand for imported commercial pulp will continue for a long time in the future, such as Jiangxi Yabao Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Dongpeng new materials Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhili Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Jinwang bismuth Industry Co., Ltd Guixi dashiyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. Co sponsored the growth, so domestic paper mills should establish a long-term and stable supply channel for purchasing commodity pulp. The trade mode of purchasing spot is not conducive to the stability of commodity pulp market price. At the same time, there are many uncertain factors in controlling production costs. Therefore, all production enterprises must take this problem seriously. Relevant experts believe that the problem of pulp price is a very complicated one. In terms of the Chinese market, there is a phenomenon of buying up and not buying down. As a big dealer, he is afraid to buy goods and hoard them, and often waits and sees the change; As end-user enterprises, they are more cautious. Especially now, paper machine can produce light weight coated paper and coated paper; At the same time, in terms of papermaking raw materials, we can use both chemical pulp and a certain amount of mechanical pulp, as well as a considerable amount of waste paper with various screw cleaners (screw cleaners) on the market. When the pulp price rises, the paper mill can use more tariffs, which will have a positive impact on the employment of the industry. Use chemical pulp and waste paper, and use less chemical pulp. This kind of flexible production can stabilize the pulp price to a certain extent. Therefore, judging from the current situation, the falling range of the pulp price will not be too large, and the rise is also very limited. On the basis of the current price, the fluctuation will continue for a long time

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