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Summary of the publishing industry in the major provinces in the Pan Pearl River Delta region of China (1)

in order to build a platform for long-term cooperation and common development in the publishing field in the Pan Pearl River Delta region, establish a comprehensive cooperation mechanism, and expand and improve the overall strength and competitiveness of the publishing industry in the Pan Pearl River Delta region, the publishing bureaus of Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan are scheduled to hold a press conference in Guangzhou from December 9 to 10 The first Pan Pearl River Delta Publishing Forum was held in Zhuhai

promoting regional cooperation in the "Pan Pearl River Delta" is in line with the strategic policy of "forming a new pattern of economic interconnection, interaction, complementary advantages and coordinated development among the East, central and western regions" put forward by the central government. It is an inherent requirement for promoting the development of regional productivity, an inevitable choice to adapt to economic globalization and regional development, and an inevitable requirement for practicing the scientific concept of development

the "forum" aims to "cooperate for development and create the future". It is committed to exploring the significance, purpose and principles of publishing cooperation and development in the Pan Pearl River Delta, reaching cooperation intentions, seeking common development ideas, forming a cooperation framework, and striving to achieve mutual promotion and common prosperity in the development of publishing resources, rich content production, expanding printing and reproduction, and expanding marketing

during the "forum", the publishing bureaus of the nine provinces and regions will jointly sign the "Pan Pearl River Delta Publishing Cooperation Framework Agreement"; The participants will focus on the theme of "cooperative development, creating the future" and make special speeches in combination with the actual situation of the publishing industry. They will discuss relevant cooperation projects and be invited to participate in the Pan Pearl River Delta book exhibition held by Hong Kong Xinhua book city

the publishers in the Pan Pearl River Delta region firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee, the General Administration of publishing, the party committees and governments of the nine provinces and regions, the industry colleagues in the region will work together to promote the Pan Pearl River Delta publishing industry, which will usher in a new period of strategic development opportunities, and the future of the Pan Pearl River Delta publishing industry will be better and more brilliant

overview of the publishing industry in Fujian Province

Fujian Province is located in the southeast of the motherland, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and across the sea from Taiwan. The publishing industry in Fujian has a long history

with the reform and opening up, the publishing industry in Fujian has been growing. At present, there are 11 book publishing houses in the province, with more than 2600 Annual Editions and nearly 200million copies printed. They have gradually formed their own publishing advantages and characteristics: books on political theory and ideological education, with high quality and good social benefits, have won awards in the country. Economic books are closely linked with practice. Their exploration and opinions have been praised by many experts and scholars. Historical and argumentative books, with a considerable scale, especially dynastic history and special history, have launched a number of high-quality works, many of which have filled the gap and been selected into domestic university reference books. Many books have also won the National Book "three awards". Educational books are well categorized, of good quality and strong applicability. They enjoy a high reputation in the country and have also launched a number of masterpieces in educational theory. Fujian is one of the first provinces to publish books about Taiwan. It has launched a series of works by famous Taiwanese writers, which has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. The publication of books on Taiwan Studies and the relations between Fujian and Taiwan has also made great progress and formed a certain scale. Books about overseas Chinese and ethnic Chinese started early with a large number of books, which have good stability and distinctive local publishing characteristics. Chinese medicine and health care books have accumulated a considerable number of reserved books. The books of local research achievements not only have strong local color, but also many of them have high academic research value

at present, there are 6 electronic audio-visual publishing units in the province, which annually publish 950 kinds of audio-visual products and electronic publications, with more than 30 million copies (discs) proposed in the 2018 government work report. There are 21 audio-visual production units and 58 electronic publication production units that have been filed and registered, with 15 ed and DVD CD production lines and 10 recordable CD production lines; There are 56 kinds of newspapers and 181 kinds of periodicals. Fujian Xinhua Distribution Group, one of the pilot units of the national cultural system reform, was officially listed in may2004. It can complete various mechanical properties experiments of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood panels in accordance with the requirements of the national standard

overview of publishing industry in Jiangxi Province

since the founding of new China, especially over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, the total assets, sales revenue, total profits, the variety of publications and the number of excellent books published in Jiangxi's publishing industry have increased by a large margin, forming a publishing industry system with complete categories and characteristics, and becoming one of the top ten industries in Jiangxi Province. At present, there are 7 book publishing houses, 5 audio-visual and electronic publishing houses, 5 reproduction units and 4 electronic publication production units in the province; There are 71 newspapers and 175 periodicals in public circulation; 2977 printing enterprises; There are more than 2800 distribution enterprises, 1 provincial wholesale market for books and periodicals, and nearly 4000 publication distribution points; There are about 100000 publishing practitioners in the province. At the same time, the quality of publications has been significantly improved, and a large number of excellent publications have come to the fore. 9. aluminum alloy impact blocks: made according to the standards provided by your company, in the national publication awards, 11 books won the "five one projects" one good book award of the Central Propaganda Department, 10 books won the National Book Award, special award and nomination award, and 24 books won the China Book Award, Three kinds of audio-visual products won the "five one projects" one good song award of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, one kind of audio-visual products won the nomination award of the national audio-visual product award, and one kind of CD-ROM won the honor award of the national electronic publication. Five newspapers were rated as the advanced management units of national local newspapers, and four periodicals won the national periodical award and key periodical award. In 2003, the sales revenue of the province's publishing industry was 4.695 billion yuan

since its establishment in april1993, Jiangxi Publishing Group has developed from a small publishing agency to a comprehensive publishing group with complete publishing categories, publishing functions and strong business strength, realizing the development from a single paper media to paper, magnetic, optical and electronic multimedia, integrating publishing, printing and reproduction, publication distribution, material supply, import and export trade, education, scientific research The industrial pattern of integrating securities investment and other links. In 2003, the group achieved a sales income of 2.947 billion yuan and a profit of 236million yuan; The total assets reached 3.545 billion yuan, the net assets reached 2.234 billion yuan, and the original value of fixed assets was 1.166 billion yuan, which were 7,6 times, 14.6 times and 8.7 times higher than that at the time of establishment

overview of publishing industry in Hunan Province; Huxiang culture has a long history. Hunan's publishing industry, which is rooted here, is blessed by nature. In recent years, under the guidance of the development strategy of "one main body and two wings", it has maintained rapid development, formed well-known brand characteristics, accumulated extraordinary overall strength, and is emerging as one of China's new publishing bases

12 book publishing houses and 5 electronic audio-visual publishing houses have successively published excellent books. They adhere to the strategy of implementing excellent brand names, and are committed to building a superior brand of Hunan edition publications. They have launched a large number of excellent works, such as Mao Zedong and Hunan series, Zeng Guofan's complete works, going global series, Dazhong Chinese library, Persian classic library, Mao Zedong (CD), which have aroused great repercussions, The "music" books of Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, the "medical and health" and "popular science" books of Hunan Science and Technology Publishing House, and the "classics" books of Yuelu publishing house have taken shape. Remarkable achievements have been made in the development and construction of new textbooks for primary and secondary schools. 8 subjects and 10 kinds of textbooks have passed the examination and approval of the Ministry of education and have been popularized in more than 1800 experimental areas across the country. Another 6 subjects and 7 kinds of textbooks are under development. Brand building drives the production of high-quality products and the work of winning awards. Among the major national awards, Hunan's publishing industry won 88 awards, ranking among the best in the country. In the 2003 National Book evaluation, the total number of official awards and honorary awards ranked first in all provinces and cities in the country, winning the reputation of "Hunan people can eat chillies and publish books" and "publishing is a powerful force, without Hunan, there is no army"

there are 87 kinds of newspapers and 252 kinds of periodicals

Hunan and other party newspaper groups have developed steadily, and a number of market-oriented newspapers and periodicals have developed rapidly. Titan Sports Weekly has set up sub printing stations in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, with a weekly circulation of 2.8 million copies, making it the most influential "weekly newspaper king" in sports in China

in just three years since its inception, Xiaoxiang Morning Post has achieved an extraordinary development with a circulation of more than 400000 copies and an advertising revenue of more than 100 million yuan

rapid progress has been made in printing and distribution. There are 5108 printing enterprises and 16577 distribution units in the province, and the development quality of the industry has been greatly improved. In 2001, Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group and Hunan Xinhua printing group were merged and established to integrate resources, transform traditional industries with advanced technology and actively promote chain operation. At the same time, it actively develops emerging industries. In 2001, it launched the construction of Hunan Publishing Science and Technology Park, a key project in Hunan Province, which occupies more than 1500 mu, with a planned investment of 1billion yuan. By the end of 2005, it will be built into a high-tech park integrating informatization, networking and intelligence, with printing, logistics and high-tech as the main body

the industry has strong economic strength. According to statistics, the publishing industry in the province achieved a sales revenue of 6.771 billion yuan and a profit of 443million yuan in 2003, of which Hunan Publishing Group has maintained rapid growth in recent four years. In 2001, it ranked 263 among the top 500 large enterprise groups in China. In 2003, it achieved a sales revenue of 5.08 billion yuan and a profit of 297million yuan. In the annual development report of China's cultural industry, it ranked 5 among the top 50 cultural industries in China

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