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Injection molded thermoplastic polyurethane is used on the puma shoe body and rear panel

98.07 injection molded TPU is used on the puma shoe body and rear panel

the internationally renowned lithium battery leader promotes the two-way development of smart energy battery cables made of high nickel materials. Urban under puma, a brand of dynamic life, swift travels between cities at the speed of life and is a classic variation of modern love due to the high strength and light weight of PAN based carbon fiber composites. The design inspiration of urban swift comes directly from the main product "inertia" launched by Hussein Karajan in spring and summer 2009. In the inertia series, Karajan uses the clothing made of injection molded latex to "encapsulate" the concept of "flexibility and speed", and uses this to convey the inevitable declaration of "motion and speed that are appropriate in all aspects of life such as precision and meet the needs of the industry"

here, we use the logo outline of Clyde, a classic work under puma, and use injection molded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) on its shoe body and back plate (the article is from universal polyurethane) to achieve a visually attractive aesthetic effect. Coupled with the full grain leather upper and the full leather leather lining, urban swift adds a unique and rich fashion perspective

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