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2008 of China's publishing industry -- shoulder responsibilities and explore the way forward (2)

the Olympic Games lit up China's book market

on April 27, the Olympic declaration published by the people's Publishing House officially met with readers at the 18th National Book Fair held in Zhengzhou

in 2008, books with the theme of the Olympic Games continued to emerge. These books have made the Olympic spirit of mankind and the Olympic concept of Beijing more and more popular. Relevant data show that as of mid July this year, China has published more than 400 books related to the Olympic Games

among them, the popular reading materials of Olympic knowledge account for more than half of the entire Olympic book market. For example, Fuwa talking about the Olympic Games - illustrating the Olympic events and etiquette introduces the competition rules and watching etiquette of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; "Watching the Olympic Games" truly reproduces the scenes of previous Olympic Games and looks forward to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. There are also Olympic books such as research results, visit guides and literary works, which together form a dazzling scene of Olympic books

in addition, almost all kinds of large bookstores have set up Olympic counters, which are placed in the most prominent position of bookstores to fully display Olympic books to readers

the export volume of Chinese books to the world has been in the same industry for eight consecutive years. In the Customs Statistics industry, a batch of professional aluminum alloy cable brands represented by the U.S. technology of coating parts and other parts with smooth oil, umiloy alloy, took the first place in the world.

in October this year, the booth of China People's Health Publishing House was adjacent to the booth of Springer, Durden and other famous German publishing groups in the main hall of Frankfurt International Book Fair. Huguochen, President of the people's Health Publishing House, said: integrating into the mainstream market of international medical publishing is the main goal of our publishing house in the future

before that, the people's Health Publishing House has established a global distribution network in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places, and has published more than 400 foreign medical books

from more abundant export modes to expanding cooperation fields, from pure book trade and copyright export to more and more cooperation with foreign counterparts, China's publishing industry is gradually standing on the same stage with the international publishing community and sharing the world book market

In September, at the 15th Beijing International Book Fair held in Tianjin, the Korean copyright of Zhuyongxin's educational works (ten volumes) will be exported to South Korea; The Chinese, Finnish and Swedish editions of creativity - the first element of children's growth were launched globally at the same time. In 2008, China's publishing industry is moving overseas with a more positive attitude and bolder wisdom

the rapid development of digital publishing

on April 22, China Publishing Group officially announced the birth of a new member under its command: the inauguration of China Publishing Group Digital Media Co., Ltd., which marks the acceleration of China Publishing Group's strategy of transforming from traditional publishing business model to digital

many things in the publishing industry in 2008 are inseparable from digitalization. From the renewal of media and process reengineering to the completion and operation of three berths above 50000 tons in the first half of this year to the change of content management and reading methods, digitalization is gradually penetrating into every link of China's publishing industry

from the new technology and digital publishing division set up by the General Administration of publication this year, to the second China Digital Publishing Expo held in July, to the 2008 China digital publishing annual conference held in October, China's publishing industry is constantly seeking change in the face of the digital wave

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