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Shenyang Jinuoer decorative materials Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing international green decorative materials production (Supplier) enterprise. And strongly launched the "magde wooden door, floor" series products

Magdalene wooden door - Italian CPL series - balsam wood

Magdalene T-shaped door, also known as Magdalene t-door, Magdalene door

Magdalen T-shaped door will present a capital letter T from the top of the door panel, which is different from the traditional flat door and gets its name

t-shaped door can also be called German door because it was produced in Germany. It is a new structure that adopts German technology and enters the Asian market, also known as t-door. The traditional flat door in China is still dominant. T-door is only in the promotion period, while t-door has been popular in Europe for more than 20 years

Magdalene wooden door - Italian CPL series - Bingqu

in 2004, it was only in the form market in China, and it was also the mainstream product of European and American bedroom doors. The door frame was made of pine integrated wood, and the door core board was made of high-density board or 5mm grid high-density board. The surface is covered with various precious solid wood veneers. Adopt solid wood composite process and mechanized assembly line production. The door panel is stable for a long time, not easy to change, crack, and the appearance is as natural and elegant as natural solid wood. There are more choices of materials and door styles

the edge of Magdalen t-door is T-shaped, and the protruding part is pressed on the door pocket. It is equipped with sealant strip, which is closed and sound proof, with good heat preservation effect and overall beauty. The unique T-shaped opening design enhances the firmness of the door panel

Magdalene wooden door - Italian CPL series - Wild Cherry

the sound insulation effect of Magdalene T-shaped door is several times higher than that of flat door. The main reason is the T-shaped technical structure and internal sound-absorbing material

Magdalen T-shaped structure makes the door panel and door frame form a double ruler joint, which is closely occluded. Compared with the flat door, the door seam is smaller, blocking the sound penetration, and the seam ability is stronger. According to the experiment, standing behind the flat door and the T-shaped door, we found that the latter can effectively block the noise outside the door




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