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Fangyuan group was awarded "the first batch of enterprises to fulfill social standards in Shandong Province"

Fangyuan group was awarded "the first batch of enterprises to fulfill social standards in Shandong Province"

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Guide: on April 13, the Shandong provincial enterprise social evaluation pilot work summary and mobilization conference was held, and the conference announced the list of the first batch of enterprises to fulfill social standards in Shandong Province, including Fangyuan group, With the title of "fulfilling the society and building a century old enterprise", he made a typical exchange speech at the Conference

on April 13, the Shandong provincial enterprise social evaluation pilot work summary and mobilization conference was held. The conference announced the list of the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province to meet the social standards, including Fangyuan group, and made a typical exchange speech at the conference with the title of "fulfilling the society and building a century old enterprise"

for many years, Fangyuan group has always adhered to the principle of "integrity-based and law-abiding management" in its production and business activities, improved its reputation, forged its brand, and established a good business reputation and market image. Especially since participating in the pilot work of social evaluation in 2009, it has consciously integrated the awareness of fulfilling the society into the enterprise mission, strategy, operation and culture. In the three fields of economy, environment and society, it takes fulfilling the social responsibility, promotes the enterprise management to step into the track of benign, scientific and sustainable development, and lays a good foundation for the sustainable, steady and healthy development of the enterprise

in order to ensure the effective operation of the social management system, Fangyuan group has established a social evaluation system around the established three systems of quality, environment, occupational health and safety. With the fundamental purpose of "integrity, win-win future", highlighting the social policy of "integrity, harmony, dedication and development", we have achieved the mutual integration and coordinated development of the "four management systems", and established a normal mechanism for the full, comprehensive, whole process and all-round performance of social management work. Bring the enterprise society into the construction of enterprise culture, the social system organization into the enterprise management organization, the social standard into the enterprise performance evaluation standard, and the social construction into the enterprise strategy, so as to realize the harmonious and sustainable development of the enterprise

first, carry out scientific development and store sufficient momentum for development. Continue to establish new economic growth points, accelerate the development of new products, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and improve business performance. In 2010, the main economic indicators of Fangyuan group increased by more than 30% over the previous year, 13 new product development projects were completed, and 6 new products passed the provincial technical achievement appraisal. The technical performance of the products reached the leading level in the same industry in China, which greatly enhanced the development momentum of the enterprise. In 2010, Fangyuan group achieved a tax of 120million yuan, ranking first in Haiyang's tax contribution list for 20 consecutive years

second, fulfill the development of employees and reflect the value of life. In order to effectively protect the personal safety of employees in production, Fangyuan group has always put safety production in the first place in all work. In 2010, it invested 1million yuan to improve the allocation of labor protection articles for employees, established the "thousand mark assessment management system", and irregularly carried out all-round and three-dimensional safety supervision and inspection to eliminate hidden dangers of production safety. It has been awarded the "advanced unit of safety production work" by Yantai Municipal People's government for many consecutive years. Fangyuan group also actively promoted the democratic management of employees, and put forward the concept of "I am responsible for the development of enterprises, and everyone is a smaller private enterprise operator". In 2010, the group issued the pension policy for retired employees and the provisions of early retirement subsidies, which completely solved the worries of employees' lifelong pension, and greatly stimulated the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all employees to participate in the development of enterprises

third, implement environmental protection and energy conservation, and optimize the development environment. Fangyuan Group vigorously implemented standardization construction, eliminated more than 120 sets of production equipment with high energy consumption and low efficiency, and invested 80million yuan to introduce advanced equipment such as CNC machining centers, steel pretreatment lines, plasma cutting machines, optimize production processes, improve labor efficiency, and reduce energy consumption. In 2010, the labor productivity of the group increased by 15% over the previous year, and the comprehensive utilization rate of materials reached 94.7%, much higher than the industry average. In addition, the group has also formed strategic cooperation with Qinghai Jieshen company to produce environmental sanitation machinery such as waste compression stations, which has made contributions to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society

fourth, implement green health and benefit the people. While focusing on the development of leading industries, Fangyuan Group actively advocates the new concept of "natural, green and healthy" in the development of three emerging industries: wine, vegetable oil and flour, plans to build a thousand mu vineyard, and constructs a special business mode of "production base, base and farmers", benefiting thousands of farmers. In the production process of grain, oil and food such as vegetable oil and flour, we insist on not adding any additives, which reflects the characteristics of pure nature, green, health and safety, and has been unanimously recognized by the society and large consumers with industrial strategic significance of the Guangzhou Chongqing project

fifth, implement win-win cooperation and embody the concept of integrity. In the process of product sales, we should establish the business philosophy of "users' needs are our goal", take meeting users' needs in a timely, fast and efficient manner as the guide of enterprise operation, and be rigorous, systematic and careful in the performance of each contract to ensure that the contract performance rate reaches 100%. In the process of material procurement, we should strive to establish strategic alliances with suppliers, choose enterprises with good product quality, high market reputation, excellent brand image and large business scale to establish friendly cooperative relations, sign supply and demand contracts according to law, abide by the principle of cooperation and coordination, ensure that the contract performance rate reaches 100%, and create a good cooperation framework of "integrity-based, sincere unity, collaborative development and win-win future", Showing broad development prospects and development space

sixth, perform charity and abide by corporate obligations. The activities of "joint construction of military enterprises", "joint construction of village enterprises", "joint construction of education enterprises" and "joint construction of communities" have been carried out in depth, and the annual charitable funds donated to the society are more than 3million yuan. In 2011, with the support of Haiyang municipal Party committee, it was planned to invest more than 2million yuan at a time for the construction party members of 15 village committees with good relationship between the party and the masses and stable team. Instead of adopting Brinell hardness test, they changed to a Rockwell hardness measurement activity room, making new contributions to the grass-roots party construction work

fulfilling society is an important trend of the times for the development of enterprises in the world today. Talents have brands, competitiveness, and everlasting foundation. Fangyuan group is taking the first batch of enterprises that meet the social standards in the province and the best corporate citizens in Shandong Province as a spur to more actively fulfill the society, achieve sustainable development, create a "100 year radius", and make greater contributions to "serving the motherland and contributing to the society"

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