The hottest Fangyuan new mixer truck is offline

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Fangyuan new type mixer transport vehicle offline

recently, the new high-end mixer transport vehicle was successfully offline in Fangyuan group special automobile company

the mixer truck is developed by a special vehicle company and is a typical representative of high-end mixer trucks at present

the mixer truck is equipped with two sets of hydraulic drive systems: fuel drive and electric drive. The fuel drive mode is changed to electric drive mode, and the conversion can be realized through the quantitative measurement of Lu Fang Huayin's conversion valve, which is convenient and fast. The electric drive mode can realize zero emission, and the function display of the section and the prospector can be environmentally friendly

the development of this model of mixer truck fills the gap of domestic high-end mixer truck. It is the preferred product of commercial concrete enterprises, and also adds new members to the high-end models of Fangyuan mixer truck family

1. Friction coefficient

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