After the most popular epidemic, the machine tool

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After the epidemic, the machine tool industry has changed, and enterprises must seize the demand in order to ride the wind and waves

at the beginning of 2020, the sudden COVID-19 swept the country. In order to fight the epidemic, we carried out self isolation for two months according to the state order, and the economy was suspended for two months. The factory was shut down and people stayed at home for a long time. You can stop and think about people and things, and think about the past and future. Think about what will happen to the industry after the epidemic

the epidemic has changed people's thinking. Young people pay more attention to health elements and tend to choose healthy, sterile, high-quality and technological products when choosing household appliances. Now it's June. Let's summarize the changes that have taken place in machine tools

the epidemic has accelerated the speed of launching the machine tool on the platform

a long time ago, some enterprises captured the business opportunities of e-commerce platforms and launched Alibaba 1688 as a platform for brand promotion. The epidemic has trapped people on one side. We can only use the dashboard of Volvo and Audi through the network channel. Business operators are more aware of the importance of online platforms and accelerate channel changes. Not only business platforms, business owners realize that traffic is king and devote their energy to social platforms and video platforms. At present, the coverage of network users is gradually increasing, and the target audience of machine tool graphics and videos needs to be explored

there have been many changes in user demand this year

the epidemic has exacerbated the labor shortage in big cities, and many people choose to stay in their hometown due to the epidemic; With the development of society, the cost of employing people increases gradually. Enterprises focus on fully automatic CNC machine tools, which do not need manual participation in feeding, length detection and processing, reducing labor cost investment for enterprises and improving processing efficiency, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

the epidemic has caused segmentation of product areas and increased user personality needs

users' demand for machine tools tends to be multifaceted, mainly in two aspects: the high-quality requirements for a single function, or our focus is on the multi-functional hybrid of regenerative medicine. With the development of downstream market, the threshold of knowledge learning has decreased, and end consumers know more and more about products, so they have higher and higher requirements for products

the times are developing and changing gradually. Only by capturing these letters and low interest rates, can we bravely rise to the forefront, ride the wind and waves, and not be eliminated by the market. This is the best era. Renren has a broad market prospect for our universal tensile testing machine. You can change your life through efforts. Enterprises with hard skills (Technology) are bound to conquer customers

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