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Fangyuan HZS50 mixing plant participated in the construction of fengpanshan tunnel of Xiangshan Bay port dredging Expressway in Ningbo. Recently, the Fangyuan HZS50 mixing plant, which was sent to a company in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, successfully completed the installation and commissioning of L value to characterize the shore hardness at the 2016 annual coal trading conference held in Ordos after the active communication and cooperation between service personnel and users, It has been put into the construction of fengpanshan tunnel of Xiangshan Bay port dredging expressway

fengpanshan tunnel of Xiangshan Bay port dredging expressway is an important part of the expressway outside the Second Ring Road planned by Ningbo Expressway, and it is also an important port dredging highway of Ningbo Zhoushan port. Fangyuan HZS50 mixing plant is recognized as a powerful tool for tunnel construction by customers because of its small floor area, exquisite internal design, safety, and fast installation and commissioning to meet market needs. This mixing plant is the first choice for standard configuration, whether it is dry and wet sprayed mortar for tunnel slope protection, pumped standard concrete for tunnel inverted arch, or even various grade concrete for infrastructure. The construction of the tunnel project plays an important role in improving the layout of regional highways, strengthening the collection and distribution network of Ningbo Zhoushan port, and promoting the regional economic and social development of Xiangshan Port

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