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Post press processing: binding in time editor's note: as we all know, every minute in the production process will have an impact on the income of the enterprise, that is to say, every minute in the production process is valuable. When each commercial printing factory produces on different paper, it will produce different preparation time, and the time for live parts to reach the riding stapler will be different. When the live parts that need to be bound have different sizes and lengths, the slow transfer speed of the binding machine will bring losses to the enterprise

in order to keep up with the pace of production of new equipment and maintain its competitiveness in the market, suttle Straus commercial printing plant with assets of US $34million and evergreen printing & publishing, which has 220 employees and specializes in color newspaper printing, will gradually increase the specific weight of high nickel 3-yuan materials in the future. Hing commercial printing plant installed Heidelberg and Martini riding staplers earlier this year, respectively

when choosing a new riding stapler, suttle Straus mainly considered two factors before going to Nanyue Hengshan zhangjiajie national forest park (additional charge: production preparation time and running speed. Before installing Heidelberg st 400 horse riding stapler, 206 employees of the company used two old-fashioned binding machines that needed manual adjustment to produce. But after installing st 400 in March 2006, suttle Straus company got rid of the problems of long production cycle and long production preparation time.

the old-fashioned machine has become obsolete

this equipment was installed in suttle- Straus' 220000 square foot plant is equipped with six vertical Book buckets, two horizontal Book buckets and a cover jam conveyor. Ted Straus, another chief operating officer of the company, explained, "we bought this device for expansion. Its modular design allows us to upgrade as needed."

straus said, "this equipment is specially designed for the production of industrial books and periodicals. It can adjust the products in production. Its automation level is very high. It can automatically preset the whole equipment, and automatically adjust the state of paper feeder, riding stapler and paper cutter at the same time, so that it is ready for production." Suttle Straus once considered the products of other equipment manufacturers or second-hand equipment, but finally found that although the production speed of many equipment is very high, it does not have the automation function required to save production preparation time. Straus said, "in my business, production preparation time is a more important earning factor than the number of printing."

suttle Straus mainly produces catalogues or manuals on a variety of papers, so the improvement of automation is the most important problem. It used to take two to three hours to prepare the live parts on the old machine, but now it only takes 30 minutes on the computer interface of the st 400. Straus explained, "as long as you input the size and parameters of the moving parts into the computer, it can help you set up the book bucket, which greatly shortens the time of production preparation." People can also input the paper parameters into the computer, so that the production speed becomes faster

with the help of new equipment

suttle Straus' st 400 riding stapler has cip4/jdf function, but the company has not used it so far. Straus hopes to control the transfer time between 15 and 20 minutes when it begins to use these functions next year

speed is also an important factor when choosing a riding stapler. Suttle Straus' live parts are generally between 5000 and 10000 prints, but sometimes there are more. Previously, the production speed of the company was 2500 to 3000 CPH, but after using the new machine, their average speed reached 10000 CPH, and even is expected to increase by 1000 to 1500. Straus pointed out, "our employees are still working hard to achieve faster binding speed."

in the decision-making process, the company also merged the two equipment into one. Straus said, "when making decisions, we only considered the saving of internal costs, not the problem of income generation. Although the price of the equipment is relatively high, we can get higher production efficiency from it. Now we have just put into production for a few months, we have recovered about 80% of the cost, and we believe that it can help us achieve the predetermined goal of return on investment."

the speed of front-end and back-end has been improved

two years ago, evergreen printing & Publishing Company installed a Dauphin graphic machines (DGM) 440 printing machine, which can be used as two independent printing machines with a speed of 40000 CPH, or as a large printing machine together. Because this equipment covers a large area, the post press processing area is affected. In May, 2006, the company installed Martini's bravoplus riding stapler and an alphaliner page inserting machine

although the speed of this device can be higher, evergreen keeps the average production speed of bravoplus at 10000 CPH. Bravoplus stapler can accommodate up to ten Book buckets, while this one used by the company is equipped with eight book buckets. Generally speaking, it can only use six

the size of live parts produced by evergreen is generally 8.125 × 10.75 inches to 10.875 × Between 16 inches, sometimes 5.5 × 10 inches or 5.5 × 5-inch double row movable parts, with product pages between 4 and 200. The company has two production buildings, covering an area of 160000 square feet. Its main printed products include magazines and newspapers

given the types of these products, bravoplus has become an indispensable part of evergreen. Meyer, the process control manager of the company, said: ■ the main machine adopts the frame potential structure with the lower oil cylinder. "This is the choice of every bookbinding worker. They are willing to use this equipment. Because of its high production efficiency and speed, the company's output has also been improved." (end)

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