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Founder Xiangyun launches a new chapter of "happy reading" in China's digital publishing

10 years ago, people still pinned their reading on thick and rigid paper books; Ten years later, the ubiquitous smart terminals have made digital publications accessible to the successful production of pet blood vessels. It can be said that the wide application of IT technology, especially the rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the arrival of the cloud computing era, has changed people's reading methods and made the digital publishing industry behind it change with each passing day

when it comes to digital publishing, I have to mention Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics). As the pioneer and leader of China's modern printing and modern media technology revolution, founder electronics provides leading technical support for the strategic transformation of the publishing and media industry from tradition to digitalization. At the beginning of 2012, founder electronics launched digital publishing and the new product promotion conference of the journey of creation and enjoyment. In the process, it vigorously promoted founder Xiangyun mobile publishing solution; In March, founder Xiangyun mobile publishing solution was released. Experts predict that this move will create a strong whirlwind of attention to digital publishing and mobile reading in the digital publishing industry and even the whole society

the environment is favorable, and the transformation of the publishing industry benefits deeply.

as an important part of the national cultural industry, the publishing and media industry is deeply affected by the external environment. According to the data from the 29th statistical report on the development of China's Internet, by the end of December 2011, the number of Chinese people had reached 513million, and the scale of Chinese people had reached 356million. The results from the eighth national reading survey also show that people's digital reading habits are forming rapidly, and people are more and more inclined to obtain content with the help of digital platforms

in addition to the continuous updating of the survey data of all parties, mobile Internet is accompanied by the exploration of the digital transformation path by publishing and media institutions and related industries, as well as the strong support of the government for the transformation path of publishing and media. In 2011, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of digital publishing issued by the General Administration of publishing clearly promoted the development of the digital publishing industry to the strategic task of becoming a publishing power

various signs show that mobile Internet is in an era of implication. For China's publishing and media industry, it means a wider audience and broader development space; The introduction of favorable policies undoubtedly provides a new opportunity for the reform of the publishing and media industry

at present, the strong demand for mobile information dissemination has become an indisputable fact. Based on this, founder electronics has launched Xiangyun mobile publishing solutions specifically for publishing and media institutions with mobile information dissemination needs. It can be said that it not only takes advantage of the situation and takes advantage of the situation, but also meets the reform needs of the publishing and media industry to the greatest extent, thus driving the transformation of the publishing and media industry

technological innovation leads the upgrading of publishing digitalization

if the external environment has created a good atmosphere and conditions for the transformation of publishing and media institutions, then innovative cloud computing technology and professional digital publishing technology have injected strong impetus into the publishing and media industry and led the upgrading of publishing digitalization

how to make readers have a more pleasant and fresh reading experience, and how to make too quiet publications full of creativity and spirituality, are not only issues to be considered by publishing and media enterprises, but also topics to be studied by enterprises that provide technical support for the publishing and media industry. Founder Xiangyun mobile publishing solution provides a simple and effective answer to the above questions. The program successfully combines the world's leading Chinese intelligent typesetting engine, multimodal cross media publishing and distribution technology, cloud computing technology, etc., so that the publication integrates audio, video, panorama, 3D images and other functions, and can help publishing and media institutions realize the integration and operation of brand resources, content resources, and advertising resources

in addition, Xiangyun mobile publishing solutions pay more attention to product creativity and user experience. Taking the three core products as an example, Feifei creative production tools not only continue to maintain the traditional publishing plane typesetting and printing ability, but also creatively provide dazzling, vivid and flexible interactive functions. This working method can not only remove technical barriers, but also greatly reduce the communication cost between art editors and R & D personnel; With the help of fangzhengxiang cloud service platform, publishing and media enterprises can easily achieve independent publishing and standardized management, whether it is a publication or hundreds of publications; Founder Xiangyun reader makes full use of the hardware characteristics of mobile terminals, and can launch a variety of interactive experience effects with the other two tools. In addition, it is worth mentioning that through this program, publishing and media institutions can also use mainstream platforms or channels such as apple and Amazon to distribute and market digital publications

every leap forward development of information technology brings revolutionary changes to related industries. Behind every industrial change, it is inseparable from the guidance and support of technological innovation. Cloud computing and mobile Internet technology are also important to the publishing industry. Founder Xiangyun mobile publishing solution integrates technological innovation, which not only brings changes in technology and product surface, but also promotes the transformation of service mode, especially in the era of mobile Internet, which can promote the innovation of digital publishing business model

the trend of the times, the acceleration of reform in the publishing industry

with the deeper integration of culture and Internet, the development of China's digital publishing industry can be called a sudden rise, which also drives the rapid growth of revenue in this field. From 2006 to 2010, the revenue of China's digital publishing industry soared from 21.3 billion yuan to 105.1 billion yuan, with an increase of more than 50% for five consecutive years. It is worth waiting to see how this figure will rise in 2012. However, the industry's confidence in the huge growth space of the digital publishing industry in the future is obvious

as an enterprise that has served the publishing and media industry for 26 years, founder electronics has been committed to the digital transformation of the publishing and media industry in recent years, and has provided a large number of core technology products and solutions in content production, content resource processing, content resource management, content multi-channel publishing, multi terminal presentation and digital content copyright protection. To a certain extent, the speed of 50r/min Fangzheng Xiangyun mobile publishing solution and the enterprises behind it have brought value enhancement to various roles in the digital publishing industry chain, and played an accelerating role in adjusting the industrial structure, promoting industrial reform and even expanding economic space

digitalization is the inevitable trend of the development of publishing and media industry. Relying on favorable policies and industry environment, using innovative technology to promote business transformation has become the consensus of the domestic publishing and media industry, and it is also an inevitable choice to improve the competitiveness of the publishing and media industry. Enterprises such as founder electronics, which have long-term technology accumulation and improve the R & D system, play a leading role in the development of the industry in improving the efficiency of resource and energy utilization, increasing the steel bar grade, reducing the steel bar diameter (mm) and reducing emissions; The role of ecological non blast furnace ironmaking technology, through win-win cooperation and joint efforts of the whole industry and the whole industry chain, can form the prosperity and development trend of the whole publishing industry, and finally make China's digital publishing industry move towards leapfrog development

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