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Fangyuan mixing plant enters the ranks of PC new prefabricated building construction

Fangyuan mixing plant enters the ranks of PC new prefabricated building construction

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recently, Fangyuan group HZS180 concrete mixing plant settled in Weifang High tech Zone Industrial Park and participated in the construction of PC new prefabricated building construction projects in the park, It marks that the mixing plant of Fangyuan group has successfully entered the leading ranks of new construction PC projects in China

Fangyuan mixing plant enters the PC new sample type and not only solves the technical difficulties theoretically, but also applies to the typical test equipment prefabricated building construction line of experimental utilization

PC building is to prefabricate some or all components in the factory, and then transport them to the construction site for assembly. After the prefabricated components are transported to the construction site, the reinforced concrete is erected and poured, which has the advantages of fast construction progress, short construction period, low cost and controllable quality. At the same time, the noise of the construction site is small, the bulk materials are greatly reduced, and the waste and wastewater discharge results show that there is little emission, which is conducive to environmental protection and is the pioneer of green building and building industrialization in the future, This industrialized construction method has been adopted in developed countries

the HZS180 concrete mixing plant of Fangyuan group is located in the industrial park of Weifang High tech Zone

in view of the requirements of building characteristics, this construction technology has high requirements for concrete production equipment and concrete quality, which is the most basic and key basic link of PC building

for many people, Fangyuan mixing plant has ensured the stable and continuous supply of concrete production line in the production and operation process, and has played an important role in the PC project construction of the park

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