After the most popular epidemic, Chongqing Caixin

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After the epidemic, Chongqing Caixin conference upgraded into the era of video collaboration

Chongqing Caixin

in the era of Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, Chongqing Caixin began to incubate and start businesses. After 30 years of development, today's Chongqing Caixin Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. has grown into a diversified industry and investment collection. Nord shares have been reported in Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Australia The establishment of regional subsidiaries in North America and other places seems to be one of the top 100 enterprises in China, AAA credit enterprises in enterprise credit evaluation and top 500 service industry enterprises in China. As an enterprise that goes hand in hand with dreams and lives up to the times, Chongqing Caixin's video conference system, which has many branches, has always been upgrading and evolving

part 1

reasons for choosing cloud conference

Chongqing Caixin's internal fixed conference space has multiple manufacturers, multiple sets of three screen real-time, conference and other equipment. The internal conference using dedicated lines has a stable and high-quality experience, but the video conference communication with external suppliers and customers needs to be supplemented by the mode of cloud Conference

in addition, because the equipment of multiple manufacturers is involved, a unified conference management system is required to manage terminals and make appointments for meetings. Key personnel within the group have been equipped with video conference accounts, and Chongqing Caixin's external business travelers also need to join the meeting through/pc, etc. when the meeting room is full, they hope to have a video conference with others through pure software

in the process of constantly serving customers closely, Keyun realized that the latest high-quality and full-function remote collaborative office solution can not only help enterprises cope with the tests and challenges in special periods, but also improve the enterprise office mode and process in the era of digital transformation because of the strain gauge pasted on the surface of elastic components. After more than 20 years of precipitation of the industrial foundation, Chongqing Caixin has been thinking and exploring together with domestic and foreign strategic partners. What else can it do for this era

part 2

comprehensively upgrade video collaboration products and services

the pursuit of Caixin culture is to provide you with a quality life, which coincides with the starting point of the solution provided by Keyun to make communication better. From the pursuit of better, Keyun provides Chongqing Caixin with comprehensively upgraded video collaboration products and services

according to the research of Ke Tianyun, the market forecast: 2018 water treatment pre control report points out that video conferencing has brought many pain points to the global labor force: 94% of employees say they are afraid of meetings. The two most common complaints are that the meeting time exceeds the actual demand and finding the meeting time suitable for everyone. Enterprises have the opportunity to solve these pain points by implementing advanced technology, which can help employees improve productivity and overall satisfaction, so as to focus on higher value tasks

with these insights, the collaborative office solutions provided by Ketian cloud for Chongqing Caixin include:

providing a unified video conference management cloud platform, registering all existing internal video conference equipment on the cloud, and realizing software and hardware interoperability

provide WebEx meetings hosting accounts to meet the needs of outgoing employees and external customers who need pure software meetings, as well as the needs of software and hardware interoperability

provide 24-hour cloud conference management services, which reduces the burden of internal IT management terminals and appointment meetings

through software and hardware integrated solutions and operation and maintenance services, Caixin group has realized that all employees and any equipment can make appointments and hold meetings with one click. The unified conference management platform and intelligent data analysis application can make more efficient use of conference equipment and precipitate data, and better help enterprises' digital transformation

imagine that if you can turn on the computer at any time, you can easily communicate with colleagues or partners around the world through a unified platform, no matter what terminal he is using. The intelligent meeting system can remind you of all meeting arrangements and automatically generate meeting minutes after the meeting. The intelligent terminal in the conference room can understand everything in the conference room and automatically switch the speaker. From intelligence to wisdom, from understanding to insight, this is the video synergy value created by Ketian cloud's integration into the scene

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