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Fangyuan group takes multiple measures to meet the hot summer first

Fangyuan group takes multiple measures to meet the hot summer first

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high temperature is an important factor that leads to the high incidence and susceptibility of safety accidents. The dry and hot weather greatly affects the production mood of front-line workers, and it is easy to lead to people's carelessness and dilution of safety awareness, resulting in safety accidents. In view of the adverse impact of high-temperature weather on the production and life of front-line employees and the strict prevention of production safety accidents in high-temperature seasons, Fangyuan Group actively responded and took many measures to face the hot summer

first of all, clean the employees' lunch lounge in advance and fully open it for use, so as to ensure that employees who do not go home at noon can have a high-quality lunch break, which requires not only fundamental transformation from the plastic granulator process, but also full of energy and vigorous physical strength in the afternoon production work

secondly, organize special personnel to comprehensively inspect, repair and plan heatstroke prevention facilities such as fans used by employees for heatstroke, make full use of idle facilities, and ensure that all tools such as fans used by employees for heatstroke are in place and play a positive role

thirdly, in view of the hot weather in summer, plan ahead, actively respond, take multiple measures, prepare enough cooling and heatstroke prevention drugs in advance, and place heatstroke prevention drugs in a prominent position in the workshop, so as to ensure that front-line employees in the workshop can prevent heatstroke in time

in addition, we should focus on strengthening the employees' awareness of safety production, firmly establish the safety production concept of "people-oriented and safe development based on the fact that people do not know the location of the measuring head when starting the measurement", supervise the front-line employees to wear and use labor protection safety products in a standardized manner, actively publicize the common sense of safe electricity use in summer, grasp and understand the potential safety hazards in the workshop at any time, and actively do a good job in flood prevention; Reasonably adjust the production and use time of large-scale equipment, strengthen circuit inspection, ensure the safe production and smooth delivery of products during the peak period of power consumption in summer, and create a good and refreshing working environment for employees' safe production in summer

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