After the most popular national day, the blended o

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After the national day, blended oil still uses the old packaging

with the National Day approaching, the new standard of edible oil will also break out of the cocoon

the new standard is mainly aimed at peanut oil and soybean oil, and the blended oil that currently dominates the national market is not within the scope of the new standard

there is no national standard for blended oil

it is understood that the new standard for edible oil jointly formulated by the National Standardization Administration Committee and the State Food Administration will be officially implemented from October 1. The new standard stipulates that the outer package of products must be marked with the following three core contents: first, indicate whether the production process is "squeezing" or "leaching"; Second, according to the quality, all edible oils are divided into four grades, namely grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 (equivalent to the original salad oil, high-grade cooking oil, grade 1 oil and grade 2 oil). Grade 4 is the lowest grade, and it is forbidden to mark only "cooking oil" and "salad oil" as grades; Third, the soybean in the raw material is genetically modified, which must be explained

if the above three standards are not on the outer package of the product and the edible oil that does not meet the new standard is marked, it will face the fate of being banned from October 1

right 1 Elasticity coefficient is the definition of Young's modulus of elasticity: why is the ratio of normal stress and normal strain in the same phase absent from the new standard? Xiehuamin, a senior engineer of the standard quality center of the State Grain Administration, said that the main reason is that the ingredients of blended oil produced by different enterprises are different, and the preparation proportion of various ingredients is also different, resulting in a wide variety of blended oil

according to the introduction, there were industry standards for blended oil, but at present, the main standards implemented are the enterprise's own standards. It should be said that there is really no unified national standard at present

it is difficult to reach a consistent mixing proportion

it is reported that blended oil is a kind of special oil. At the beginning, a few enterprises developed it to cater to the edible oil habits of Guangdong and coastal areas, and as a result, it blossomed in all directions of the national market. At present, blended oil is not sold abroad, mostly varieties such as corn oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. In backward areas such as Africa, soybean oil is mainly used

he said that it was very difficult to formulate standards because it was a mixture of various single products from 2011 to 2018. However, negative enterprises will mark the grade and proportion of peanut oil used in the product label

manager Cheng of Laiyang Luhua South China region said that due to the current chaotic market of blended oil, there are 7 kinds of oil to be blended, 8 kinds, 3 kinds and 12 kinds. The number of single oil varieties used is not consistent, and the proportion of each oil is also inconsistent. In this situation, it is difficult to issue unified standards. 600 tons

some enterprises abuse the new packaging

manager Wu of Fulinmen revealed that at present, only a single peanut oil and soybean oil have changed the packaging. In fact, the packaging of blended oil does not need to be changed. Fulinmen's blended oil has not been changed. For the introduction of this new standard, here not only provide you with high-quality experimental machine equipment, he believes that the main reason is that the peanut oil market was chaotic in the past, with various labels: there are strong flavor, special flavor, 100% pure flavor... It confused consumers and weakened the brand

after the introduction of the new standard, it is conducive to distinguish the quality of oil at the same level, and enhance consumers' brand awareness. It is also conducive to the fair market elimination of brand edible oil

xiehuamin of the standard quality center of the State Grain Administration also pointed out that enterprises producing blended oil will not be affected. For enterprises that produce peanut oil and soybean oil, they just need to change the label. We believe that most enterprises will not be affected

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