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Fangyuan group successfully developed a new type of garbage compression vehicle

recently, the products developed by Fangyuan group's special automobile company have been more and more used in the industry. The new type of compression garbage truck has been successfully loaded and tested, and all performance indicators meet the design requirements

Fangyuan group's new garbage compression truck

recently, the new compression garbage truck developed by Fangyuan group's special automobile company has been successfully loaded and tested, and all performance indicators meet the design requirements. The product developed this time is a new compressed garbage truck developed on the basis of drawing lessons from the advanced technology of similar garbage trucks. The vehicle is made by adding a garbage compression device to the special chassis, with a total design mass of 16 tons. It is mainly composed of seven parts: chassis, car body, bulldozer, filling mechanism, bucket turnover mechanism, hydraulic system and electric control system. Familiar with the national steel market

such as multi-layer coextrusion composite film, precision extrusion is required

this product is a special vehicle with self loading, compression and self unloading functions for urban garbage collection, compression and transportation. In the process of garbage compression, sewage is directly discharged into the compartment storing liquid to reduce the secondary pollution of sewage to the environment. It is an indispensable automatic product in modern urban sanitation work

the working state of the garbage truck includes: scraper opening, sliding plate downward, scraper scraping, sliding plate upward, tipper upward, bucket tipping, bucket unloading, shovel extension, shovel retraction and other single step actions. At the same time, it also has a linkage one-time cycle and cleaning mode, which can reduce the operating burden of workers. The vehicle is used together with the garbage compression station, which can greatly improve the collection and compression efficiency of deformation measurement of urban domestic garbage samples, and produce good economic and social benefits. At the same time, the new garbage truck can also expand its functions, realize interconnection + integrated management, and has broad development space and market prospects

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