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Fangyuan group: strengthen the awareness of being close to the people and build a harmonious enterprise

Fangyuan group: strengthen the awareness of being close to the people and build a harmonious enterprise

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in recent years, Fangyuan group has taken the realization of people's all-round development as the goal, relied on innovation to strengthen the bones, focused on strengthening grass-roots infrastructure, strengthened the awareness of being close to the people and loving the people, improved team cohesion, constantly improved the level of open and democratic management of factory affairs, and accelerated the construction of sustainable, stable A harmonious enterprise with healthy development

implement the care project and unite the development force

employees are the most valuable resources of the enterprise. Fangyuan group respects and cares for employees, constantly solves their own practical difficulties for employees, makes employees truly feel the warmth of the "big family", establishes deep feelings with the enterprise, ensures the stability of the workforce, and condenses the joint force of enterprise development

increase investment and protect the rights and interests of employees. The Group continues to increase investment every year to improve the production and living environment of employees. In order to improve the production and working environment of the employees and protect the front-line production workers from the outdoor wind, rain and snow as much as possible, the Group invested in the construction of three-dimensional garages, painted and repaired all production plants, improved the sewage pipelines in the plant area, and built facilities such as employee playground and leisure square, so that the majority of employees work and live in a comfortable and harmonious environment. Always give priority to the welfare of employees, establish a three-level "home of employees" management system at the group, branch and workshop levels, establish an organizational supervision, inspection and assessment system, fully implement the labor contract system, pay employees' wages on time, steadily increase employees' income year after year, pay pension, medical, unemployment, work-related injury insurance in full, and fundamentally protect the rights and interests of employees. Since this year, more than 2million yuan has been invested to improve the working conditions and production and living environment of employees, and a sports entertainment and leisure square and a sports ground for employees have been built; Invest more than 50000 yuan to organize all female employees to have a physical examination; Invest 100000 yuan to organize more than 1000 employees over the age of 35 of the group to have physical examinations, so as to ensure the health of employees and speed up the temperature control; Invest more than 1 million yuan to transform and beautify the plant environment, increase and strengthen the greening and beautification of enterprises, plant 10000 new trees, and increase the greening area of 30000 square meters. In order to care for the employees, the labor union of the group held a wisdom class for the children of the employees of Fangyuan group during the summer vacation, hired professional teachers, carried out quality education and collective activities for the students during the summer vacation, cultivated the children's independent living ability, hands-on operation ability and social practice ability, shaped their good life attitude and hobbies, and solved the worries of the employees of the group and devoted themselves to work

accurate positioning and enhanced cohesion. In the face of the severe challenges of the sluggish development of the industry and fierce market competition, based on the actual situation of the enterprise, grasp the development direction, change the business philosophy, implement the diversified development strategy, constantly adjust the product structure, strive to jointly resist risks and crises with employees, always ensure the living needs of employees, and maintain harmonious, stable, sustainable and healthy development. In the face of market challenges, with the implementation of innovation projects as the goal, the theme activities were organized and carried out with "taking the lead in establishing a sense of excellence and striving to be a 'star of post demonstration'; taking the lead in exploring reform and innovation, striving to be a 'star of technological innovation', taking the lead in creating a harmonious atmosphere, striving to be a 'star of civilization and harmony', taking the lead in being a society and striving to be a 'star of serving the society'"

humanized management, action warms employees. The Group places the interests of employees in an important position, cares for and cares for employees, so that they can feel the warmth of the enterprise physically and mentally, and gain the respect of personality psychologically. According to the research object, load conditions, environment and media conditions, the Department of leadership and staff share weal and woe with the majority of workers, devote themselves to the grass-roots level, experience the well-being of front-line workers, and realize "zero distance" with employees. In recent years, we have protected the rights and interests of family workers, arranged jobs for the children of many employees, and relieved the worries of employees, so as to cultivate the feelings between enterprises and employees, enhance the trust between enterprises and employees, and realize the real harmony between enterprises and employees

improve the incentive mechanism and stimulate the potential of employees

the quality of employees is crucial to the development of enterprises, and a good talent discovery and training mechanism is the fundamental to victory. Taking the construction of a harmonious home as the main line, Fangyuan group has strengthened the construction of the staff team, improved talent management, improved the incentive mechanism, further improved the comprehensive quality of employees, further tapped their work potential, and further increased their enthusiasm for work

people oriented, stimulate vitality. Strive to serve employees, respect their values, realize their wishes, meet their requirements, find ways to understand what employees need, and meet their needs as much as possible. Cultivate the sense of ownership of employees, give full play to the role of the employee congress system, let employees participate in major decisions such as goal setting, cadre selection, interest distribution, evaluation and selection of the best, and key project construction, let employees directly participate in the democratic management of the enterprise, and maximize the enthusiasm of employees. Strengthen the training and education of employees and fully tap the potential of each employee; Pay attention to the communication and coordination with employees, care about the life of employees in time, and solve the actual difficulties of employees. Through humanistic care and emotional contact with employees, we can better cultivate their spirit of loving their posts, dedication and high spirited progress, and stimulate their work enthusiasm and work potential

talents first, condense power. Always put the cultivation, use and management of talents at the height of the group's development strategy, and pay enough attention to it. In accordance with the principle of "openness, equality, competition, merit selection and democracy", we will adopt an open selection of leading cadres at different levels, implement the competitive recruitment system for all leading cadres, and truly realize the employment mechanism of "those who are capable, those who are mediocre and those who are mediocre", so as to make excellent talents and professional abilities strong, and the masses convinced People who are dedicated to their work and love their posts take up leadership positions so that they can make full use of their talents. We should enhance the awareness of crisis and competition of the staff, strengthen the learning and training of business and skills, enhance business knowledge, and improve professional and technical capabilities. Enhance the awareness of competition, efficiency and pioneering and innovative spirit of the majority of employees, strengthen the quality inside, build an image outside, build a first-class brand, and provide comprehensive and value-added service capabilities and service products, so as to effectively combine the enterprise goals and employees' personal goals, and enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and creativity of enterprise development

a variety of incentives challenge the goal. Adhere to the group leaders to take the lead in implementation, rely on the front line, dispatch and command on site, and solve problems. Especially since the implementation of the party's mass line education and practice activities, the group has put forward clear requirements for leaders at all levels: the main heads of all units should set an example, practice by example, take the lead in setting an example, always focus on the interests of enterprises and employees, act fairly and justly, be real people, and start a career in clean hands; The leading group should unite and forge ahead, strive to develop, listen to public opinion and concentrate; In production management, we should work safely, ensure quality, speed up efficiency, and pay close attention to implementation; In operation and management, we should make careful calculations, compare goods, grasp information, develop markets, and establish strategic partnership with cooperative units and direct users; For all enterprises and legal persons, implement the target system assessment, scientifically formulate reasonable work task objectives at the beginning of the year, determine the profit and income sharing ratio, implement it layer by layer, and motivate them to strive to complete all business indicators; For front-line employees, encourage employees, especially young employees, to establish lofty ideals, carry out professional ethics education, educate them to love their industry, be full of hope for the future, and realize the common development of personal and enterprise undertakings; Carry out orderly and equal competition among different departments and employees, implement post objective assessment, and eliminate the fittest, so that employees can constantly survive and develop in the competition

create harmonious labor relations and safeguard the rights and interests of employees

the harmonious relationship between labor and its industrial preparation of single-layer graphene and the research and industrialized production of graphene composite functional fiber materials is the basis for building a harmonious enterprise. Fangyuan group strengthens the management of trade unions, pays attention to protecting, mobilizing and giving full play to the enthusiasm of both enterprises and employees, protects the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and employees according to law, achieves mutual benefit and win-win, and realizes the goal of jointly building a harmonious enterprise and seeking enterprise development

safety first, providing basic guarantee. The group implements safety to posts and individuals, and pays close attention to the implementation of safety production system. On the one hand, it requires leading cadres to strictly abide by the red line of safety production, firmly establish the awareness that grasping safety is grasping development quality, and pay close attention to safety work, so as to control the probability of accidents to a minimum. On the other hand, through in-depth activities such as "safety production month", holding safety knowledge lectures, establishing a 1000 point system assessment, and implementing all-weather supervision and inspection, we strengthened popular publicity and professional training, and required employees to firmly establish the concepts of "safety for production, production must be safe" and "unsafe production is a crime", so as to comprehensively improve employees' consciousness of safe production and realize the unity of safety and production, Provide scientific development guidance and environmental basis for the stable development of enterprises

full democracy and collective management. The system of workers' Congress has been established to improve the sense of ownership and participation of the majority of workers, widely listen to the voice of the masses, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and form a sense of belonging and identity of workers to the enterprise. In recent years, employees have participated in major decisions such as goal setting, cadre selection, benefit distribution, evaluation and excellence, and studied and formulated labor contract management, daily code of conduct, product inspection process, year-end assessment, rewards and punishments and other working systems. At the same time, we should pay attention to dealing with the relationship between enterprises and third parties, so that the development of enterprises can serve the local economy, help solve the problem of local labor employment, and promote the rapid and healthy development of local economy

scientific distribution and creative enthusiasm. Improve the distribution mechanism, innovate the work concept, change the service consciousness, vigorously implement the distribution system according to work, and reflect "more work, less work, less gain, no work". The post wage system is implemented in all workshops, and workers are not encouraged to work overtime. If the work requires overtime, the overtime pay system shall be strictly implemented, and the overtime pay shall be paid to the employees in time with the monthly salary. Special rewards shall be given to the employees who are outstanding in the year-end assessment and comparison, which truly realizes the vision goal of the steady development of the enterprise and the harmonious and happy of the employees, and greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of the employees for creativity and innovation

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