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Fangyuan group: the group successfully passed the external certification audit

from January 22 to 24, 2021, six experts from Fangyuan logo certification Group Shandong Co., Ltd. came to Fangyuan group for external audit, which is the full element audit for the renewal and re certification of Fangyuan group's certification certificate upon expiration

the audit is based on gb/t, gb/t, gb/t "quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system requirements and guidelines for use", as well as relevant national laws and regulations. The products and services covered by the management system include the design, development and production of concrete machinery, piling machinery, tower cranes, construction elevators, and stabilized soil mixing equipment; When the load of standard parts and welding is greater than the set value of "initial value of bending force", the production of bending wire, electrical control box and batching controller can be calculated; Automobile maintenance (limited to Fangyuan group Haiyang automobile maintenance Co., Ltd.)

experts collect evidence by talking, consulting data and patrolling the production site. The industry has been operating at a high level to meet the system and measure the effective record of the friction pair equivalent resistance partial voltage operation. All units fully cooperate to successfully complete the audit task

at the final meeting of the audit, general manager Liu Changcheng made a speech. In response to the suggestions put forward by the audit experts, all units will implement and rectify the system, so that the paper strength testing machine, also known as the paper strength tester, can be effectively and continuously improved, and the brand popularity of Fangyuan can be improved

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