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The development and thinking of the printing industry in Japan IV

the thinking and prospect faced by the printing industry

the authority of the printing industry in Japan said that the prospect of the printing industry is not optimistic, but there is no need to be pessimistic, because science and culture are progressing, of course, there are various needs for printing. Here we talk about the problems that the current printing industry is generally concerned about

first, globalization

the development of science and technology and the expansion of transportation have made the earth smaller. At present, many countries put forward the theory of globalization, whose main theme is the internationalization of economy and culture. Even capital, labor, services, means of production, consumption and so on have no national boundaries, and can flow freely between countries

in Japan's economic environment, globalization has become a popular word. In the process of globalization, the printing industry is thinking about how to export high-priced technology and absorb cheap labor. As Japan is a country lacking in raw materials, it also needs to consider how to import cheap raw materials and export industrial products at JEC world 2017 exhibition in Paris on March 14 (1) 6 after processing

second, informatization

although Japan has entered its eighth year since the collapse of the foam economy, the informatization process of Japan's printing industry has not been relaxed. In the development of information society, technological innovation is the mainstream. Technological innovation not only enlivens the market, but also keeps the whole society fresh. It can create new demand and new production structure, thus promoting the change of industrial mechanism

In the 21st century, the pillar supporting Japan's GDP growth is undoubtedly information technology. From the perspective of printing industry management, information technology emerged in the 1980s as a means to improve enterprises, but now the it1, model and specification: MWW (1) 0, which is discussed, exists to rebuild the existing system of enterprises and has the meaning of business foundation. Therefore, the Japanese printing industry believes that the operation cannot be carried out without the introduction of it

it has become a fashionable buzzword in the printing industry. The speed of the IT revolution is faster than expected. It has been considered as an indispensable core means for Japan to achieve economic recovery. At the beginning of the 21st century, the IT revolution will undoubtedly change the market environment. A large amount of information in the printing industry, such as images, words, sounds, graphics and other related information, can be circulated globally at a low cost by means of dialogue in an instant. It is certain that it will bring immeasurable benefits to the Japanese printing industry

third, the key of computer + network

it lies in information processing. At the same time, it can also cultivate creativity, mainly by using computers as a working platform and connecting with the Internet, and relying on this aspect of hardware and software to form a new industrial foundation

the number of computers owned by the Japanese printing industry accounts for more than 10% of its computer market, and there is almost one person in the workshop. The printing industry relies on this advantage and interconnection, Circle "one on one" "The market promotes the personalization of the printing market and meets personal needs at any time. At this time, on-demand printing came into being and grew at a rate of five times that of ordinary printing. In 2000, the marketing volume of on-demand printing was 48billion yen, and it is predicted that it will reach 219billion yen by 2004. Using the Internet, printing not only shortens the time of providing information, but also reduces the cost. Therefore, the Japanese printing industry actively develops the management of ordering and delivery on the Internet, and does not Face to face business is advocated

in the past five to six years, the competition in the printing industry has become more intense, which forces operators to realize that "computer + network" is not only the need of a highly information-based society, but also the strength foundation for the operation of the printing industry, which now has a large-scale commercial production

IV. thinking about the future

authorities in the printing industry believe that there is no need to be pessimistic about the future of the printing industry, because the progress of civilization will only bring vitality to the printing industry. Recently, Japanese scholars copied the statement of American Printing scholars and believed that in a mature society, the main factor driving the growth of printing demand is the growth of population. Take the United States as an example. The annual population growth of the United States is 1%, that is, 2.6 million people, and the real growth rate of its printing industry is 1.3%. The situation in Japan is generally the same, but not as good as that in the United States. Japan's population grows by nearly 1million every year, and the per capita printing demand increases by only 0.4% annually. The relationship between population growth and printing demand reminds us not to use today's demand of 1.3 billion people to set the demand for printing of less than 25million people in the Sui Dynasty 400 years ago

(Ding Yi/translation)

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