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Development characteristics of aluminum doors and windows industry

the concept of "interconnection + doors and windows" has gone deep into the bone marrow of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry. Both large enterprises and small factories are learning the concept of "interconnection +". And the concept of "interconnection +" also showed great style at this Construction Expo. Many door and window brands are using the functions of Internet to "attract eyes", "attract powder" and attract investment

focus on big brands

with the popularity of Internet + doors and windows, the competitiveness of brands in the door and window Market in the future will be more obvious, and big brands are still in a vacant position in China's aluminum alloy door and window industry. Therefore, many door enterprises are doing their best to strive for this position and direct their goals to the goal of big brands

market segmentation is inevitable

according to the development trend of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China, it is not difficult to see that China's door and window industry is undergoing tremendous changes, and the aluminum alloy door and window industry is undergoing market segmentation. In particular, many "small and exquisite, small and beautiful" small gate factories, although not as good as giant aircraft carriers such as Dios, have strong vitality and great innovation. Under the innovation, it has formed the characteristics of its own industry, such as some door factories focus on balcony doors, some door factories focus on kitchen doors, and so on. This is the inevitable result of the current market segmentation of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry

industrial chain reorganization

Dios doors and windows believes that due to the reshuffle of the door and window industry, some door enterprises that have neither core value nor the support of large consortia are gradually being eliminated by the market. Another form of elimination as a world leading polymer manufacturer is the combination and complementarity between industrial chains under the action of market economy. The restructured aluminum alloy door and window industry chain can respond to various market shocks more flexibly, and rely on a big brand, which plays an important role in changing production, marketing and channels

innovation is the leading competitiveness

in this Construction Expo, the most mentioned is innovation. Especially in recent years, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and consumers have changed from necessity to practicality and even applicability. In the future, as more and more post-80s and post-90s people become the main force of market consumption, their ideas will also change the development trend of the market. New consumer groups who pursue fashion, publicize their personality and enjoy life have increasingly greater requirements for the personality of destroying the consumption of doors and windows in transportation without "excessive packaging". In this market environment, they urge the design elites in the aluminum alloy door and window industry to open their minds and create products with more fashion and appreciation value. Therefore, who has the initiative of innovation in the future aluminum alloy door and window market, He must have become a market leader

the market is developing in depth

the economic development in rural areas is better than a year, and rural urbanization is also faster than a year. After the reform and opening up, the living standards in rural areas have been continuously improved, and some have even exceeded the general urban living standards. There is no doubt that the rural market has become the last undeveloped place in the domestic aluminum alloy door and window market. For aluminum, you need to inspect the change of temperature. Although the alloy door and window market is suitable for urban residents, the saturated urban market can not quickly digest the aluminum alloy door and window industry with excess capacity. Then the in-depth development of the rural market has become the inevitable direction of the development of the aluminum box door and window market

higher requirements for the added value of products

the added value of doors and windows is mostly reflected in the functions of doors and windows. The traditional batch production of aluminum alloy doors and windows that rely on a single function of products is being phased out by the market, and the high value-added aluminum alloy doors and windows Market is quietly occupying the absolute highland of the industrial market. In addition, the difference between the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups that pursue personalization and the previous generation of consumer groups further requires higher requirements for the added value of products

environmental protection and healthy doors and windows have become a hot spot

environmental protection doors and windows are more and more respected by people, especially with the improvement of national quality, the awareness of environmental protection in energy conservation is becoming stronger and stronger. Coupled with the direct threat of haze, automobile exhaust, formaldehyde and so on, the guiding points include non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, rubber production, tanning, chemical industry, ceramic firing, casting, silk processing, steel rolling, refractories, carbon production Lime kilns, brick kilns, cement grinding stations and waste plastic processing have caused people to pay special attention to the environmental protection and health functions of doors and windows. Therefore, the future green doors and windows have increasingly become the focus of attention

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