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Guangdong mold heat treatment industry development characteristics and market outlook

I. Guangdong mold heat treatment industry is booming

in the mid and late 1980s, Guangdong market economy, which was ahead of the reform and opening up, generally will not take too much consideration. Household appliances, light industrial machinery, hardware products, furniture, aluminum and stainless steel profiles and other manufacturing industries are developing rapidly. Especially in the Pearl River Delta, as the pioneer of reform and opening up, its market awareness, exploration spirit, reform, economic construction and capital accumulation are changing with each passing day

driven by the rapid development of the manufacturing industry chain, a large-scale heat treatment industry group came into being in Guangdong, which was originally almost a blank area of the industry, and experienced the process of socialized production, large-scale production and professional production. The start of heat treatment industry in Guangdong has an inseparable relationship with the development of mold manufacturing industry. According to Luo Baihui, head of the international mold and hardware and plastic industry supplier Association, due to the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, there is a large demand for molds, so mold processing plants of different sizes will soon be scattered in the Pearl River Delta. However, as a key heat treatment process in the mold manufacturing production chain, it was almost impossible to find a professional heat treatment plant in Guangdong in the 1980s, A large number of molds had to be sent to the internal heat treatment plants subordinate to large enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutes in Guangzhou for heat treatment. But doing so often has the feeling that "far water can't save near fire". For entrepreneurs who believe that "time is money and efficiency is life" and are at the forefront of reform and opening up, it is really a last resort. It is against this background that private heat treatment plants with mold heat treatment as their main business have first sprouted in the Pearl River Delta. Among these private heat treatment plants, some are attached to mold manufacturers, and there are also professional plants that serve other people's characteristic products. For example, the large-scale aluminum profile manufacturing industry in Nanhai District of Foshan has "cultivated" many heat treatment plants that specialize in making aluminum profile extrusion dies. It is the current situation and development of the manufacturing industry in the frontier areas of reform and opening up, and the vigorous start of the market economy that has prompted people who are interested in heat treatment production to start a difficult and promising entrepreneurial process. The heat treatment industry in Guangdong has almost started with the promotion of mold production

after 30 years of development, Guangdong has finally formed today's professional heat treatment production bureau completely guided by market economy, which has also won a seat in the wood utilization market, Mr. zobel said. Of course, the current Guangdong heat treatment industry, in addition to the production of molds and their accessories, also includes a large number of mechanical parts and hardware accessories and other reasonable structures; However, mold heat treatment is still the main product of this industry, and now it still accounts for more than 60% of the market share. At present, Guangdong heat treatment industry group has about 600 factories, most of which have mold processing business

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