Development Countermeasures of Shunde coating indu

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Development Countermeasures of Shunde paint industry

Development Countermeasures of Shunde paint industry

August 23, 2006

Shunde paint, which is famous for furniture paint all over the country, has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, which is largely stimulated by the huge demand for polyester paint in Shunde's Lecong and Longjiang furniture markets. Shunde paint industry and furniture industry are two flowers on the same branch from the beginning, and no one can leave the other. Due to this special condition, coupled with the relative chaos of the previous market environment, there are not too many and strict restrictions, so many coating enterprises have emerged in Shunde

according to the development characteristics of Shunde coating industry, according to the development status of China's coating industry and the development requirements of related industries, and drawing lessons from the technical progress and development trend of the world's coating industry. The author suggests that in the next few years, Shunde coating industry should strengthen its efforts in resource allocation, manufacturing technology, industrial supporting facilities, marketing, brand cultivation, information service and industrial culture to form a mature industrial system

1. Formulate a scientific development plan, promote the industrialization process of the coating industry

widely carry out industry investigation and research, hire Chinese and foreign experts to brainstorm, and make a long-term plan for Shunde coating industry around the policy of consolidation, coordination, improvement and sustainable development to deal with the rising prices of raw materials, the tight supply of energy such as electricity and fuel oil, as well as the challenges of international standards and technology. Determine the development direction and goal with the scientific concept of development, and make Shunde coating industry bigger and stronger

combining the development of large-scale production enterprises with the stabilization and improvement of small and medium-sized production enterprises, the focus is to develop strong large enterprises that can enter the international market competition, support the listing of qualified joint-stock enterprises, encourage and guide the merger and reorganization of small and medium-sized enterprises, optimize human resources, management resources and equipment resources, engage in professional, large-scale and intensive production, and form a coating enterprise structure with "precision, expertise and strength"

build a high-level coating industry carrier, improve the intensive development of fine chemical industry development park, support enterprises to carry out technological transformation and capacity expansion, strengthen cooperation and division of labor, and take the development path of "precision, expertise and strength". We should integrate the existing coating enterprises in Shunde, support them in varying degrees according to the investment scale, technical content, economic benefits and other indicators, promote the development of Shunde coating to high technology and high quality, and promote the sustainable development of Shunde coating industry to environmental protection, high efficiency, energy conservation and ecological balance, so as to make the coating industry an important force in Shunde

2. Create a good economic environment, constantly improve the overall quality of industries and enterprises,

innovate the industrial development mode, strive to change the backward development mode that used to rely mainly on external driving, large investment and high energy consumption, and transfer to the mode that relies on scientific and technological progress, adjusts structure, optimizes allocation, strengthens management and improves workers' skills according to the scientific concept of development, Comprehensively improve the development quality of Shunde coating industry

strengthen the introduction and training of all kinds of high-quality talents in technology development, management, trade, marketing and so on, and cultivate a group of socially recognized expert talents; Promote the combination of production, learning and research, give birth to a number of new products, and promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements of new technologies and new materials; Strengthen the protection and development of intellectual property rights, and organize high-level Sino foreign exchange activities such as industrial forums and intellectual property lectures; We will severely crack down on infringement and illegal acts of counterfeits, and create a good social atmosphere that respects talents, knowledge, academia, and innovation

implement the capital operation strategy, maximize profits, strive for listing and financing at home and abroad, promote Shunde to cultivate about 20 coating enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million or a sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan within three years, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Shunde coating at home and abroad

3. Build a perfect innovation system of technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation

actively guide qualified coating production enterprises to establish technology research and development centers and improve their independent innovation ability. Support enterprises in various activities of technological innovation service system; Assist enterprises to increase investment in product research and development, develop pollution-free, toxic and high-tech environmental protection coating products, and improve the overall technical level of green production and green manufacturing in the coating industry; Open a green channel for coating enterprises to enter the international market, and ensure the leading position of Shunde coating in information, technology, process flow, grade, etc. Promote product innovation, constantly innovate products, improve product quality, grade and decorative effect, and strive to build a number of famous and high-quality paint brands that are loud, stand up, sell well and have influence at home and abroad

develop various forms of paint circulation modes, improve the existing paint marketing methods focusing on wholesale and retail, develop a large number of professional paint marketing companies, appropriately develop paint monopoly stores, chain stores and specialty stores, and guide paint sales. Establish norms for after-sales service of coatings to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Pay attention to the transportation and construction of coatings to ensure the ultimate realization of the use value and quality of coatings

4. Create a first-class market environment, actively explore the international market

strengthen quality management and product certification and standardization. Actively guide enterprises to carry out is09a ¨ 00 quality system certification, and improve the management level of enterprises through certification. According to the specific experiments, we can choose to establish Shunde paint quality standard committee, and establish a scientific paint standard system that conforms to international standards and the reality of China's paint industry, so as to provide norms and basis for enterprise production, development, management and trade. Quality testing institutions are encouraged to accelerate the process of marketization and develop scientific research quality testing institutions within large enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the economic law of glass ion, P60 composite resin and amalgam filling respectively. Introduce and promote the implementation of ISO14000 environmental management series standards in the industry, and provide green environmental protection coatings for social production. Improve the awareness of green environmental protection coatings in society and coating enterprises, establish a scientific and effective environmental protection system, and realize the unity of economic, social and environmental benefits

actively explore the international market and use various forms to establish the international image of Shunde paint products. Qualified enterprises should actively develop overseas distributors, establish their own sales networks overseas, and invest overseas to establish marketing centers, distribution centers and production plants. Actively use modern information technology to carry out transactions

5 strengthen the construction of enterprise informatization, implement a number of informatization demonstration projects, improve the informatization level of the coating industry, and use informatization to drive the development of coating industrialization. Shunde coating industry should widely use the only national automobile lightweight technology product internationalization and professional display platform in China to collect information, accumulate data, analyze and study the problems in the development of the industry and enterprises, and put forward solutions to the problems. Support 1. It is necessary to strengthen investigation and research, select a batch of mature and advanced software technologies such as MRP/ERP/CRM, and apply them to all links of enterprise management, new product development, logistics, marketing, etc., improve the level of advanced productivity such as e-commerce, clean environmental protection, energy regeneration, optimize production and management processes, and improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises

make full use of the existing resources of colleges and technical secondary schools such as fine chemicals and coatings to cultivate special talents in the coating industry. Carry out undergraduate education and vocational education. We should actively carry out educational reform, pay attention to practice, operation and innovation. Encourage private individuals, enterprises, and multi-channel investment to set up chemical and coating institutions of higher learning

6 implement comprehensive strategic deployment to build Shunde's strong elite brand. First, implement the strategy of "rejuvenating enterprises through science and technology", support enterprises' technological transformation and expansion, technological innovation, and strive for famous brands, so that the contribution rate of science and technology and the contribution rate of human capital in industrial economic growth can be increased simultaneously

second, implement the "high-quality brand" strategy, expand and strengthen paint enterprises, promote Shunde paint to enter the global industrial supply chain, create international regional brands, and establish a value system for authorized use of regional brands

third, implement the export-oriented strategy, promote the product upgrading of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of brands, and expand exports to earn foreign exchange

fourth, implement a strong group strategy, actively cultivate coating enterprises with high starting point, new technology and high degree of specialization, and form a coating enterprise group with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan

fifth, promote human resources strategy, give support from employment, entrepreneurship, household entry, financing, social security and various subsidies, and strive to create a good environment for people to make the best of their talents

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