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Development and Research on an quoted pricing system for the Prefab Cold Storage Zhang Baobao, Liu Xiaobing, Chen Xiaochuan, Fen XinAn

(CIMS Center, Dalian University of Technology,Dalian, 116023)Abstract It's a kinds of response for a client inquire from the manufacturing enterprise which comprise the objective products' price etc. To refer the client an well-pleasing quotation,to neaten, and to print it fastly, many quoted pricing system were developed in allusion to diversified products. This paper continues to discuss it with the prefab cold storage quoted-pricing system.

key words: quoted pricing system, cold storage, construction1. Overview the fierce market competition of manufacturing products makes enterprises have to respond quickly to customer inquiries. Product quotation refers to the customer requirements including price submitted by the manufacturing enterprise or company to the target product inquired by the customer in response to the daily customer inquiry and the reply made. The development of quotation system for manufacturing products, especially the comparison of complex product quotations with global 3D printing plastic sales reaching 310million US dollars, requires the coordination of personnel in many fields, such as technology, finance and business, and must consider various structured and unstructured factors. The development of manufacturing product quotation system provides a powerful tool for shortening quotation cycle, improving quotation speed and winning customers for enterprises. The development of "combined cold storage engineering design and quotation system" is based on Dec station5000/2000 graphic workstation and microcomputer platform. It develops the output from order processing to scheme sketch drawing and BOP. The system adopts full screen input of original design parameters, comparative design of multi scheme equipment selection, interactive CAD design library and machine room plan, three-dimensional solid modeling of refrigeration equipment and compressor, solid attribute extraction and data transmission. In the quotation calculation module, borrowing the design idea of expert system, the quotation rule library is established, which makes it possible to make a one-time quotation in a short time according to customer requirements. 2. At present, the quotation systems developed at home and abroad can be roughly divided into five categories according to their functions, namely, business quotation system, production quotation system, engineering quotation system, bidding quotation system and integrated quotation system. Engineering quotation system is actually product selection, preliminary design and cost estimation, which provides decision support for the formation of the final quotation. The combined cold storage in the past year belongs to storage construction products and is an engineering project. It is composed of a building and a complete set of equipment. The building is composed of a basic civil engineering part, a warehouse body and a steel canopy. The complete set of equipment includes four systems or parts: refrigeration, air conditioning, waterway and electric control. The one-time quotation method is to determine the overall scheme of the combined cold storage according to the user's requirements, estimate the total cost of the cold storage by analogy or according to the experience of the quotation personnel, and then make the total quotation of the cold storage by the enterprise quotation decision after the force measuring pointer rotates at a constant speed. Its quotation behavior includes a series of activities, which can be divided into several stages, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 the quotation structure of the combined cold storage in the four stages of manufacturing product quotation has a large span and involves many contents. Its technical key is mainly the formation of the total data flow of the quotation system, such as organizing, transferring, processing, storing and outputting the original, intermediate and final data of the system, so as to improve the efficiency of the system and the accuracy of the quotation. Second, because there is no detailed technical design and construction drawing design before the quotation calculation of cold storage, it is difficult to calculate these prices. The third is the timely update, entry and relevant research of the cost and price database of materials, finished products and semi-finished products. 3. The realization of system functions the combined cold storage engineering design and quotation system mainly includes three parts, namely, the cold storage design and calculation module, the quotation calculation module and the system auxiliary function module, and the database, graphic library and rule library provide support for the quotation decision-making and document formation of the whole system. 3.1 database construction and management quotation are based on data processing. Scientific and complete quotation requires inquiry data, product design data and many other data. The database of the quotation system is established in two ways. One is to use the database management system to establish a database, which is used to store and input inquiry sheet data, and store and output quotation results and quotation book data. Second, general data files are directly established by text software for data transmission between modules of the quotation system, and the data is stored in the form of ASC Ⅱ code. The database required by the system is divided into six types, namely, inquiry sheet original parameter database, design parameter database, equipment technical parameter database, equipment material database, intermediate result database and quotation result database. 3.2 composition and establishment of the graphic library. The graphic library has the characteristics of hierarchy and parameterization. It is established for the plane layout of the machine room obtained from the scheme design required by the quotation. The plane layout of the machine room is used to determine the spatial location of various refrigeration equipment in the machine room. The quotation system and the cold storage CAD system share a graphic database and a graphic database of compressors and auxiliary equipment, with unified coordinates. 1. The whole graphic library is established by using three-dimensional entities. It can easily realize the functions of perspective view, sectional view, pipeline interference inspection, graphic shadow elimination and coloring in cold storage CAD system. The quotation system and cold storage CAD system share a graphic database, avoiding the repeated development of the drawing library. 2. Establish the hierarchical structure of the graphics library. According to the characteristics of refrigeration equipment, the common parts block of cold storage hierarchical structure is constructed, which is convenient for direct adjustment when the system forms a complete set of equipment

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