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With the rapid development of various high and new technologies, molds have been given a new mission and brand-new connotation. Their classification continues to increase, rapid and economic molding materials are moving towards multi variety serialization, and new innovations and breakthroughs have been made in the process. The supporting equipment has come out one after another, and the service field is constantly expanding, The economic benefits created are becoming more and more remarkable

according to relevant reports, at present, China's mold enterprises mainly have the following four types:

1. Contract type: contract type is the most primitive type of mold made by Huangyan, that is, some mold manufacturers first receive orders, and then make quotations to the master who makes the mold, so that they can be fully responsible for the manufacturing of the mold

2. Semi contracted type: because some mold factories have not reached a certain scale, after receiving the order, because their own processing equipment can not provide mold processing

3. Self produced type: this type is for mold manufacturers with a certain scale. They have a complete set of equipment for manufacturing molds, and are fully capable of self-produced. From mold design to mold manufacturing completion, as well as mold shipment, they are all solved in the factory. Therefore, no matter from the mold manufacturing cycle, the service life, accuracy and quality of the mold can be guaranteed

4. Individual house type: in addition to the above, there is another type of mold manufacturing in Huangyan. They come to the mold directly by themselves rather than through the mold manufacturer. One advantage of this type is the price of the mold. How can the average iron content of molten aluminum in the company be reduced to less than 0.1%, which is cheaper, the time can be guaranteed, and the quality is the same as that of the semi contracted type. But this kind of service is not safe for customers. It is usually carried out by acquaintances

for the above types of customers, they should choose different measurement technical institutions at all levels according to the cost, service life, cycle and quality of their own molds, while carrying out measurement service guarantee. Only in this way can we reduce the mold cost, improve the mold quality and shorten the mold cycle

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