The world's hottest largest UAV was born in China

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The world's largest unmanned aerial vehicle was born in China

recently, media reports said that China has made significant achievements in the field of Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles again. It is reported that at a military airport in the southwest, the transmission efficiency has been greatly improved, and the large-scale unmanned aerial vehicle "divine eagle" experiment independently developed by China has been a great success! After having two giant unmanned aerial vehicles "Rainbow" and "pterodactyl", this is a big killer once again offered by China in the field of large unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the relevant person in charge of the air force, this new UAV will become the largest UAV in the world after it is put into production. After the appearance of the "divine eagle" UAV, the Russian media trembled and shouted. Russia has initially discussed large UAVs for a long time, but it only understands the principle and has not been successfully manufactured so far. Among the numerous military weapons, if we say tanks, warships and so on, China still needs to strive to be world-class. So the UAV can match the materials to be tested now, which is equivalent to another world thorn in China. China has actually surpassed similar European and American products in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Among the UAVs exposed this time, the most common one is the "divine eagle"

in terms of appearance, this UAV is similar to the p38 aircraft of the United States, both of which have two fuselages and wings. Although this kind of planning is not very reasonable in terms of aerodynamics, it can greatly reduce the aircraft weight and add equipment belts to compete with the national and Western giants

from the perspective of function, the "divine eagle" UAV still retains the task of reconnaissance, and does not have the talent of high-intensity war. In the experiment, the upper limit of a single flight of "divine eagle" reached 25000 meters, far exceeding the previous world record of 18000 meters invented by "Eagle", and the maximum speed of "divine eagle" reached 900 kilometers. In terms of speed, this UAV has certain penetration ability

after all, we learned from the exposed photos that "Shendiao" is equipped with source phased array radar, which can detect 360 degrees without dead ends, and has a fatal impact on some fighters with stealth ability. But these trial and error opportunities do not exist in the detection system in the third tier cities, and policies on the sea can be found at any time. Therefore, in terms of various functions of the "divine eagle", it is not too much to say that it is the world's strongest UAV. Go back and see more


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