424 slag car crushing argon blowing accident in 20

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At 11:13 on April 24, 2007, the 6 # converter of the steel plant had entered the late stage of converting. The tapping worker e went to the tapping room to adjust the position of the slag truck. Because there was steel slag splashed in the early stage of converting on the slag track, he was ready to start the slag truck to scrape the slag out of the slag track. During the process of magnetization of wear particles when the slag car was running north and the pig iron market was not smooth, the argon blower of this shift who was handling the hook on the slag scraper of the steel car on the north side of the slag path was squeezed between the steel car and the slag car. The on-site personnel immediately sent song to the central hospital for treatment, and the preliminary diagnosis was left thigh fracture

2. Accident cause analysis

direct cause

Article 14 of the steelmaking plant foreman operation specification stipulates that "the steel and slag car control switch on the converter platform is only allowed to be used during tapping, and other operations must be operated at the steel and slag car control switch under the furnace, with one person operating and one person monitoring". A tapping worker, e, directly operated the slag car on the converter platform during non tapping time. Illegal operation was the main reason for the accident

indirect cause

song, an argon blowing worker, went to the north side of the slag path to deal with the steel car fault during the converter blowing process, and did not make any contact and communication with the tapper. He violated the operating procedures of the tapper under the platform of the argon blowing worker. "When cleaning the steel car or slag car, you must pull down the power switch before you get on the car for cleaning, and contact the tapper at the same time", ignoring the unsafe factors on the operation site, Is the secondary cause of the accident

3. Accident lessons and Enlightenment (or preventive measures)

(1) it is suggested that the steel plant should install audible and visual alarms on the slag car and steel car according to the actual situation of the converter production and operation site, and do a good job of warning before driving

(2) there are loopholes in the specific implementation of safety operation procedures in the steel plant, and employees still have habitual illegal operations. The steel plant must strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of safety operation procedures, formulate detailed safety standardization for the operation in dangerous areas, and then carry out sequential experiments (the operator can also choose the serial number) according to the serial number, so as to standardize the operation behavior of employees

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