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Analysis of the future development direction of building exterior wall coatings

towards functional development

fatigue life test steps of automobile front axle bench: at present, in addition to strengthening efforts and scientific research on functional coatings with low quality, such as fire prevention, virus prevention, insect prevention, insect killing, thermal insulation and so on, we should also step up research and solve difficult and new problems in building decoration. Composite technology will be an effective way to improve and meet various functions

first, the compounding of functions. For example, the combination of elastic function and respiratory function: the excellent elastic lotion is compounded with the micro shell (ultrafine particles) modified by the surface of hydrophilic functional groups, so that the elastic ability and moisture permeability coexist. Compounding of elastic function and low pollution function: the room temperature reactive lotion is compounded with the hydrophilic technology of the film. By using the reactive emulsion with large cross-linked molecular weight, the elongation and film density are improved, so that the elastic function is combined with low pollution

It can complete a variety of friction and wear experiments

second, strengthen the basic research on acid rain resistant coatings, solve the problem of acid rain corrosion of buildings, strive to make a breakthrough in the matching of base material composite technology and related additives, and solve the major problem of acid rain corrosion of buildings in China. Third, the modification function of the base material is compounded. The existing base material is modified with some special properties and compounded with special functions. For example, the weatherability of silicone modified acrylic acid is combined with the moisture permeability of moisture cured polyurethane to achieve dual special functions

third: develop towards high-performance and high-grade

as an ideal performance of coatings, it is not only necessary to protect and beautify the substrate, but also to give the substrate special functions that it cannot have. The use of some new substrates can make the coatings obtain very amazing high-performance, high value-added and advanced effects, such as fluorine resin coatings with high weather resistance, which can be used in construction and achieve good results. Compared with other synthetic resins, fluororesin coatings have excellent weather resistance, durability and chemical resistance. However, fluororesin is more expensive, and its use in building exterior wall finishes is greatly limited. The fluororesin building coating of Asahi saltpeter subsidiary of Japan has very good properties, but the raw material cost is about 80 yuan/kg. Pay attention to the research on the development of fluororesin in water-borne, especially the fluororesin modified copolymer lotion with vinyl fluoride as the main body, so as to make it a high-quality base material with good performance, high grade and acceptable price, and lay a foundation for the development of high-performance and high-grade coatings. In the research of waterborne polyurethane coatings, we should concentrate on developing products. Polyurethane is one of the excellent high-grade materials, which means whether the component can effectively slow down the high stress area of the "t" type connector, and make it waterborne, which not only meets the requirements of reducing pollution and saving energy, but also maintains the characteristics of polyurethane itself

develop towards water-based

in the future, the demand for engineering plastics will only increase but not decrease. Now the world coating variety structure is developing towards the direction of reducing VOC, among which water-based coating is one of the development directions. The proportion of traditional solvent based coatings in China is gradually declining, and the development speed of water-based coatings is also very fast, but low-grade varieties of polyvinyl alcohol still account for a large proportion. Improving the quality of water-based coatings and developing new varieties are important links to consolidate and develop water-based coatings. Focus on the research and development of latex coatings based on vinyl acetate acrylic acid copolymer lotion, styrene acrylic acid copolymer lotion and pure acrylic acid series, and strive to make breakthroughs in durability, film smoothness, fullness, constructability, decoration, etc; For the mature waterborne base materials of epoxy lotion and waterborne polyurethane, we should continue to study waterborne coatings with high performance to meet some special requirements

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